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Hey guys

If you're a kpop fan.. Which I'm more than sure all of you are! Then you've probably heard of and used the V-app. Well I have some news for you!!! Our favorite V app is getting an upgrade! Introducing V.Live+ !! : a new evolution of the v app this new feature will focus more on our idols personal lives. From behind the scenes, working out, preparing for a concert or just having lunch/ dinner. This new feature offers fans a chance to get closer and experience their favorite idols in their daily lives off the screen.
In celebration of the V.Live+ , the V-app is looking for ambassadors or V.Friends. You can apply for the position and the criteria are as follows: "You have a decent number of followers on your social media accounts or you run a K-pop related blog. Why? Because you will pre-experience the exclusive 'V.Live+' content before anyone else and then share it with your followers. " These may or may not come with some awesome benefits that we don't know about yet!!! The deadline to apply is May 23rd, 2016 The link to the article and application is HERE

Are you guys excited about this version? Will you be applying?

Like I want to apply, but I really worry about it.
this could end bad tbh
oh dear....what if they want privacy?
I don't like this upgrade, I mean, I want to see BTS behind the scenes but... Can't they just eat in peace? Practicing dances are hard enough and its probably more stressful being recorded ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
isnt that what the v app already does depending on the celebrity. Its all up to the idol to show what the want. This "upgrade" doesnt seem much more than a publicity stunt in my opinion
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