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Korean sheet Mask Day #2
so I used another animal mask and today I chose the sheep... my face has been clearing up so at first I just decided to go with this mask that I had no idea what effect it would have on my face...
so it doesn't really look like a sheep and isn't as cute as the tiger mask but it smelled great :)... when I eventually removed the mask and rubbed in the serum I kind of hated it... if you are looking for something to open up your pores this will do it... and I mean my pores were giant... which I suppose did help me get rid of some deep black heads... but I kind of freaked out after falling back into my terrible habit of picking and grabbed a second mask specifically made for healing acne....
The blemish smart mask that comes with.....
this little package of super charged serum... for crises... and since I had just majorly wreaked having on my poor face I decided it was only right...
this mask is pretty unappealing lol but it feels great and sticks well to my skin... my nose it apparently too long though...
this mask felt good on... this is probably close to 10 minutes after removing the mask... my skin is still kind of tacky and it's really slowly absorbing the serum... of course I know nothing will help my troubled forehead (that I caused after the first mask) but it does feel a whole lot less painful... I know in the picture it looks like it left some dark spots but those are just some unknown shadows lol I promise.
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I've always wanted to try the animal ones, I feel like if the sheep one opens pores up it might be good to use beore doing a deep cleansing mud mask or something!!
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I agree @hikaymm :)
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