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Yey, we've made it to part 10. I'm so excited about this. Okay I'm not adding to much at the begining. Thank you All for reading and your love and support for the story!
Okay so now to see who followed Arianna to the bathroom.
There was a knock at the door all of a sudden. I stared at the mirror in horror. Who the hell would come after that.
“Arianna” A soft voice came from the other side of the door. “Are you okay in there?” he asked.
“No” I said.
“Than let me in” he tried again. I snorted.
“Oh yea, like two people can stand in this bathroom at once” I told him.
“Than come out?” he asked. With a last look at myself I told myself I could do it.
“They are just jokes Ari nothing else” I said. Than opened the door. Rap monsta was standing in front of me.
“RM” I said abbreviating his nickname. He closed his eyes and stood there for a second before opening them.
“Can you just call me Namjoon?” he asked. I squinted at him.
“Nam joon” I pronounced slowly. He nodded.
“Why did you hide?” he questioned.
“Because I’m embarrassed” I told him. “Honestly find me a cherry picker” I grumbled. He put a hand on my shoulder making me look at him.
“We’ve been playing around this entire time. How did this embarrass you?” he honestly seemed confused.
“She really said it out loud that I’m a virgin and its up for grabs” I told him. A grin slowly slide over his lips.
“Well that just makes a girl hotter” he said. “Honestly any man would be lucky to deflower you” he said making a blush cross my cheeks.
“I can- you know what, thank you. That is very sweet of you to say” I cut myself off and decided to just thank him for the compliment.
“So is that why you chose unicorn?” he asked. A grin appeared on his lips and it made me smile and than giggle.
“Is that your way of asking why I’m still a virgin or you just want to know why I chose the magical unicorn.?” I asked him as I leaned against the closed bathroom door. We were standing there blocking the aisle but that was okay, no one was coming.
Namjoon chuckled.
“Well originally I wanted to pick dragon but she just assumed I wanted unicorn” I told him.
“Unicorn suits you better” he said. He was leaning back against the other side of the aisle and crossed his arms over his chest.
“Well dragons suit you just fine too” I told him. “As someone said, dragons are manly” I told him.
“Can I ask? What is with the animals?” he asked sounding serious. I thought for a second and than shrugged.
“It’s something that just happened. I mean it started with Panda’s a couple weeks ago and than everywhere I looked was Panda’s and than it switched to Bears. So thus started the either or with animals between me and Trin trin” I told him.
Namjoon stared at me.
“It’s not that weird. We just have really entertaining conversations” I said than paused and spoke again. “No actually to be honest most conversations I have turn crazy for the most part.” I told him.
“So entertainment at the beck and call?” he raised an eyebrow. I chuckled.
“Sometimes.” I said. “Sometimes it just goes over board” I added.
“You put a smile on people’s faces” he told me.
“Ariiiii” Trinity came up to us, a look on her face that told me instantly how sorry she was. “I wasn’t trying to embarrass you” Trinity said throwing her arms around me in a hug. I chuckled even as I looked over her at namjoon who smirked at me and than started to walk past us back to his seat.
“It’s alright” I said pulling out of the hug. “It’s okay” I told her.
“Can we just not bring this subject up again?” I asked her.
“Deal” she nodded. “So what was up with you two talking?” she asked giving a sly look at namjoon.
“Nothing” I said even as I turned my head away from her. I hit her in the arm. “I can’t believe you ruined it” I mumbled to her.
“Oh, something did happen” she grinned at me.
So did you already guess it was going to be Namjoon. I mean I know it's Ari, it was going in that direction earlier and had wanted it to get a little more involved with those two so I had to have a scene. If only for Trinity, lol no jk I loved Trinity coming in to break it up lol.
If you want to be added let me know and I'll update the list, prolly in each update, maybe add to earlier updates if I'm editing story to fix grammar. 'SMILES'
@szewwy. oh I have no doubt they would get in trouble for a lot of things they are doing. lol.
Oh man I need more....that's so cute although I wish they got to talk a little longer stupid trinity lol
I feel like they would get in trouble if this story really happened on a plane lol.