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Boom!!!! So I watched both trailers and I just wanna say, Monkey D. Luffy!!!!!! Super!!!! Finally get a glimpse NAKAMA!! Trailers are out!!
can't wait some pumped to see it
am so rdy for this movie can't wait
That's awesome!! I think it's going to play in most major theaters for a couple days too!! I hope so at least! Haha. I need to finish my anime sleeve so bad but I don't have the money for it right now. I'm trying to move and get a place with my friend. Congrats to your brother!! @LuffyNewman
@UzumakiJess yep, I shoulda tagged you bc I knew when I saw him I thought of you haha!! I was like hey Sabo, wait jess will love it now haha!! Sweet tho I saw so much already I know how it's going to pan out but who cares cannot wait to watch it 3-10 times in a row!! My brother actually is graduating Hogh school this weekend and hit me up and is like hey lets go get a tattoo next weekend and I wa alike I need The Op Jolly Roger on my chest so yeah, but he wanted me to buy his tattoo and I said if it's too big I am not gonna lay $250+ for his graduation present which my parents will kill me for doing this to him! Haha but I'm covered in ink so they can't get to mad if I manage in life!! Sorry just had to tell someone but this film is my summer highlight!!
@UzumakiJess yeah I'm sure it will play US and I'm gonna go see it!! Yeah I've been trying to finish my sleeves for years but there is so much I've put forth that takes days of work so I never finish any and just jump to the next one, haha. Atleast I have my right arm 85% done and my left 25-35% done and my chest 75% done all that's left is my ribcage, luffys scar on my lower chest, back that's not already tattooed with all anime pinup girls, both legs and the any part of my body not covered with anime as well!! Haha so still got a long ways to go. I had a buddy that did an entire body suit that's in the military with me. He said it was about $10k with coloring and everything for his entire body so I figure I'm about 1/3 the way there.
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