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Sorry for the delay ;-; I don't know if you this ship but @Sammie99522 I ship chu with Jackson :3 I feel being that Jackson seems so open and is social and you're pretty shy I feel he'll be the first to start the conversation which won't be awkward being he's a huge goof ball and since you are a goof ball as well I feel you'd both have a fun time around each other. since you are clumsy I see Jackson just falling with you to make you laugh so you don't feel embarrassed about it since you like making others happy and are optimistic Jackson is the same being he is the mood maker XD he'd be there to match your happiness and if you or him are ever having a bad day it'll be back to smiles and laughs real quick when you 2 are together :3
Haha xD I'm shy until you get to know me xD
💗💗 I actually really love Jackson and this seems super accurate! Thank you so much. @IsoldaPazo @twistedPuppy what do you two think lol
@Sammie99522 seem about right lol xD but sam isn't really shy xD at first yes afterwards lol You cra lol so yes I agree
@IsoldaPazo I thought so too! lol
@Sammie99522 it's so cute and true.
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