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This anime is a Slasher type of horror show. This anime keeps you on your toes and is a good watch if you want something to disgust and surprise you. High School kids do a charm that may appear they can be friends forever. However, the charm sends them to a school that are full of gore and ghosts. Nothing but death around. The next picture is few pictures that are gruesome. Sachiko gave me conflicting feelings of hating her or feeling sorry for her. She has to me favorite character though because she is so interesting to get to know. Do not look at the pictures bellow if you do not wish to see it. It's to show how gruesome and creepy the show can be. It's not super scary but it give you the creep factor.
My first year of college is done, and I have more time to read and watch anime/manga. If you guys want to see more suggestion of some anime and manga, comment down below. I hope to see you guys in the next card.👍🏻
I don't think there was any other Anime besides Another that literally made my skin crawl lol
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I just got the manga of Another and I've watched Another too. I thought it was really good too.
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