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Sorry I've been away my 8 followers, no, but in all seriousness I am sorry BUT I've brought a new Anime. One that in my opinion trumps Fairy Tail. It's a school, romance, slice of life type deal. I ship Onodera and Raku. But yes, ENJOY
@AmazingAshley Well he did choose her over the Locket back at the Christmas Mall party... so that means something... we just have to wait until Monday... and pray...
Finally Another fan of Onodera x Raku!! I shipped them from thr beginming, but everyone is shipping him with Chitogge. Nice to see im not the only one cheering them on!
@sparkieparkie99 read it on mangareader.com
You, made my day. ALSO I WANNA SAY, look at the logo in the name of the show, it's totally Onoderas key 😏 us fans have this on lockdown @AmazingAshley and I really really REALLY hope they get together. I'd honestly be heart broken AND probably cry if they didn't. So I'm really counting on that they do
@AmazingAshley and honestly that almost depresses me! The odds of Chitoge and Raku are increased! That's so not good! And me too, I shipped them once I saw them, just *claps and slams table* it's official. I just can't see how anybody else can ship Chitoge and him. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS NEED TO BE THE PRETTY, SMART BLONDE THAT IS A SUNDERA (or however you say it. I'm just a casual anime watcher for the most part so I try not to worry about Japanese spelling unless it's names or actual things! @MerrileeBark honestly no clue on how to respond to that...
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