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Sorry I've been away my 8 followers, no, but in all seriousness I am sorry BUT I've brought a new Anime. One that in my opinion trumps Fairy Tail. It's a school, romance, slice of life type deal. I ship Onodera and Raku. But yes, ENJOY
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@AmazingAshley Well he did choose her over the Locket back at the Christmas Mall party... so that means something... we just have to wait until Monday... and pray...
True & ch 218 just came out!
@AdamDean @AmazingAshley YOYOYO I CABT REMEMBER IF THATS IN THE SHOW OR NOT BUT NO SPOILERS PLEASE! I can't find where season two left off in the manga and can't find a good website to read it on XD
@sparkieparkie99 read it on mangareader.com