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So another homemade recipe that I copied from Jamie Oliver. This was actually extremely easy to make. Ingredients 1) Spinach 2) Feta cheese (from Costco) 3) Olive oil 4) Tortilla (E-mart, frozen section) 5) Fresh Basil (Bought from herb garden) 6) Ground Pepper (optional) Instructions (Don't have food processor but have a manual food grinder that is meant for mincing garlic. Works well for vegetables & even nuts. They're quite cheap at E-mart, Homeplus, etc.) 1) Mince Spinach, Feta, and few leaves of basil 2) Baking dish, place one tortilla at a time and oil the tortilla (this will make it easier to wrap it into shape and also prevent burning) 3) Add big spoon full of spinach feta mix onto tortilla, crack pepper on top. 4) Wrap the tortilla into shape. Oil the top ends a bit more and squeeze the top into shape. 5) Place in oven mid-high and bake until the top of the tortilla turn brown and crisp. (~12min) And that's it.
@PaulLim nommm look at that gereeennnn that is like peekinnnnnn
@PaulLim hey--don't worry about it your dishes look amazing!! you should see how the dishes i cook turn out........
@PaulLim shrimp sounds amazing man. I wish I had more time to cook (and someone to do the dishes lol)
I was so inspired by your picture that I tried it too and I added dried tomatoes with the feta and some chicken breast, it was so delicious that my roommates have been praising me ever since :D Thank you @PaulLim and Jamie Olliver :)
@paullim yeah these recipes are great. I tried these last night actually!
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