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This is sort of K-pop related in a way... Well... This may come to shock to you all... I am 13 as of now.. Next month on June 6 I'll be 14 and a soon to be Freshman in High School... Today at my school we got our letters, telling us if we get to walk the line or not. And...


Here is where K-pop comes in to play! Okay so I am passing every single subject BUT MATH! I am such failure in math.. It's like learning a new language. You sort of can understand by you get confused half of the time. But as I was trying to explain... K-pop made me work harder then ever before. I told myself if I ever want to make enough money in the future and have a good career plus a long life... I would need to work hard in school and get good grades. And.. This is a bit embarrasing for me but... I want to become a K-pop idol... Or at least be an Korean-American based singer. Of course I love being alone but I get stage fright a lot.. So I would want to be in a group... But... All the difficulties they go through... Not having any contact with their parents.. Having to live in the dorms if they're foreigners... Giving up on school and basically life to pursue their dreams.. I want to live up to my dreams potentially but not harmfully...
I'm getting off topic but I just wanted everyone to get to know me a bit more :D Should I make a card about me? If you agree.. Let me know! I want to get to know everyone as well because I honestly and truly love you all!
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I want to be a kpop idol too WE CAN WORK TOGETHER TO BECOME WHAT WE WANT
Oh I am graduating too congrats to both of u馃槀馃槉馃槉馃槉 Oh I would like to help you could am good at math and I am 14 and I hardly know anyone on vingle. Hope you reply
Congratulations on graduating! *\馃槃/* Also, if you need help with math, I'm good until elementary algebra (minus geometric proofs). Feel free to message me if you have any problems. As far as being a Kpop idol (and this can go for you too, @SashaLove), you know you have your work cut out for you. I love singing, but I use to have stage fright. Being nervous before a performance is totally normal. Take lessons when you can, go to karaoke, sing in front of friends, do anything you can to perfect your voice and be use to an audience. If you really want to be an idol, don't do things in half measures, and be ready to really bust your butt to chase your dreams. I'll be rooting for you. 馃槉
Congrats!! Good luck in high school!!!!!
Yes definitely!
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