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I'm actually clutching my sides, I'm laughing so hard!!!
I was just kind of chuckling, but I 1000000% lost it at the girl's concerned yell of "...Yuno!" when he played the Skip card. SO TYPICAL. SO TRUE.
Honestly though, I relate to the villainn in this. I mean, WE ALL turn into that villain when we're playing UNO, right? I know I do. Really though, let's hope this ends with the villain forgetting to say UNO, because that would be the most deserving way for him to lose XD
This is amazing! I'd watch this for real if it was an anime. I want to see one for Candy land, Chutes and ladders, and Jacks.
XD Yugi vs. Pegasus the UNO version XD
This evil character is secretly me playing uno馃槄馃槀. And the kid's name has uno in it?!?!? Yuno? I like the unoriginality. Legit, someone make this a thing.
lol the villain's voice when he plays the skip card...this is the sound of male puberty
It felt like I was watchimg Yu-Gi-Oh on Toonami all over again! 馃槃馃槀馃槀馃槀
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