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Alright! I just watched the most recently episode of Mayoiga: The Lost Village (episode 8) and boy-oh-boy will this show ever NOT be confusing & ridiculous?
I don't mean that as an insult - I genuinely look forward to the randomness, I just worry that WAY too much will remain inexplicable in the end, you know?

Anyways, here's the highlights for me:

(spoilers below!)


Yeah, I believe her story. I'm tired of all the suspicion. Considering she was never trying to escape anything when she first came to the village (and she did nothing wrong when leaving it), I can see why she might not see any monsters. I think she did lie a little bit to try to keep them less suspicious, but I think her story is legit. Her cousin may have seen demons because he had some confidence issues (i mean, he's in a ghost village hunting club...). Anyways, I trust her!


Why are there two of her? Lol I hope that's just an editing mistake XD But I think she does know more. Even if she doesn't, she's easily one of my favorite characters & I hope her and Valkana get married :3 Sorry Dahara.

Nanko + Lion

These two make a great pair, and adding the other girl to their little club at the end seems to be setting up a strong alliance, I'm hoping that will ultimately exist between Mitsumune, Masaki, Koharun, Valkana and these three.
Nanka grabbing her lovehandles when she's thinking is the funniest cutest thing - maybe I should adopt this style!

The bus driver...

I don't think he's a bad guy after all. He never wanted to leave society, though he has the demons that are causing him to be haunted. I think he just wasn't expecting to be thinking about anything he's being forced to, and that's caused him to act really violently.
On a side note, HOW did he get the bus moving when no one else could..........????

He's back?!

Yep, I can't explain this one.

And as usual, Lovepon wants to kill everyone.

Nothing new here :P

What's everyone think of the latest episode(s)?

Seriously tho, I get more and more confused every episode!! Haha but I still enjoy it and really want to put all the pieces together once it's finally finished. This seasons releases of anime are almost all intense or crazy good and entertaining!! This anime def on the confusing side haha
@hikaymm hHa yeah same here!! I hope they either slowly start explaining it out or do a deep explanation the last episode or 2 and tightens it all up!! It's already so confusing to me lol.
@LuffyNewman For sure!!! If they don't explain things well though I'll be like -_- at the end hahaha
I didn't even notice the double Koharun! That's freaky and now I'm scared 馃槀馃槀馃槀 the way this is going, I don't think its a mistake 馃槓... Also, after seeing Lovepon's story, I can see why she is the way she is. Hope the weeks goes by faster to see what's next
I just watched the new episode not even 5 minutes ago and WOW. There are turns and twists that I never thought would happen. I wish I had internet at my house so it'll be easier to keep up this the anime but watching it in McDonald's helps with the thrill ride, well a little. I think it was an editing error but with this anime who knows.
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