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So this is a information card for running man. Here we go.

Yoo Jae Suk

Born August 14, 1972 (age 43) He is the main mc (announcer). He has been a mc from 1991 to now. he has also been a actor in these dramas and films.


2000–01 KBS Great Friends 2005 SBS Banjun Drama 2008 MBC Yi San – cameo 2009 MBC Queen of Housewives – interviewee/new employee of Queens Food (cameo) 2015 SBS The Girl Who Sees Smells –Running Man host (cameo with RM members) 2015 MBC My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol – cameo


1994 Tyranno's Toenail 2008 Bee Movie (Korean dubbing as Barry B. Benson) 2009 White Tuft, the Little Beaver (Korean dubbing as narrator & Owl)[17] He is also very popular in Variety Tv. Here are his shows.

Television host

List of present programs MBC: Infinite Challenge (무한도전) Host (since 2005.04.23) KBS2: Happy Together Season 3 (해피 투게더 시즌3) Co-Host (since 2007.6.28) SBS: Good Sunday – Running Man (일요일이 좋다 – 런닝맨) Host (since 2010.7.10) SBS: Same Bed, Different Dreams (동상이몽; 괜찮아 괜찮아) Host (since 2015.03) JTBC: Two Yoo Project Sugar Man (투유 프로젝트-슈가맨을 찾아서) Host (since 2015.08)List of former programs KBS2: I Am a Man (나는 남자다) Co-Host (2014.4.9 ~ 2014.12.19) MBC: Yoo Jae-suk & Kim Won-hee's Come to Play (유재석 김원희의 놀러와) Co-Host (2004-2012) SBS: Good Sunday – Family Outing (일요일이 좋다 – 패밀리가 떴다 2008.6.15 ~ 2010.2.14) Host SBS: Good Sunday – Miracle Contestant (일요일이 좋다 – 기적의 승부사 2007.11.11 ~ 2008.2.3) SBS: Good Sunday – Old TV (일요일이 좋다 – 옛날TV, 2007.6.17 ~ 2007.11.04) Host-in-chief SBS: Good Sunday – Haja Go! (Let's Do It!)(일요일이 좋다 – 하자고! 2007.4.15 ~ 2007.6.10) Host-in-chief SBS: Yoo Jae-suk's Truth Game (유재석의 진실 게임 2005 ~ 2007) Host SBS: Real Situation Saturday/Good Sunday –X-Man (실제상황! 토요일/일요일이 좋다 – X맨 2003.11.8 ~ 2006.10.29) Host-in-chief KBS2: Happy Together Friends (해피 투게더 프렌즈 2005.5.5 ~ 2007.6.21) Co-Host SBS: Good Sunday – New X-Man (일요일이 좋다 – 뉴 X맨 2006.11.5 ~ 2007.4.8) Host-in-chief KBS2: Happy Together – Tray Singing Room (Karaoke) (해피 투게더 – 쟁반 노래방 2004 ~ 2005) Co-Host KBS: Dangerous Invitation (위험한 초대 2003) Co-Host MBC: ! Exclamation Mark – Read a Book! Book! Book! (!느낌표 – 책!책!책을 읽읍시다!) Co-Host KBS2: Super TV Enjoy Sunday – Host Big Match (슈퍼TV 일요일은 즐거워 – MC 대격돌) Co-Host MBC: Achievable Saturday – Star Survival Donggeodongrak (Live and Fun Together) (목표달성 토요일 – 스타 서바이벌 동거동락 2000–2001) Host Television stand-up comedian 2001 Open Gag Concert 2002 Jubilee Gag Concert 2002–03 G-Family Gag Concert 2004 Gag Family Concert


This is his wife Na Kyung-eun (나경은) (m. 2008). Yoo Jae Suk inspired people like Gil and Kang Gary from Leessang and Lee Kwang Soo( He is on this list later).

Song Ji Hyo

Born 15 August 1981 (age 34) She is the only female member in group. She is a very good actress. Here are her works. 2003 Whispering Corridors: Wishing Stairs Yoon Jin-sung 2004 Some Seo Yoo-jin 2007 Sex Is Zero 2 Lee Kyeong-ah 2008 A Frozen Flower The Queen 2011 Late Blossom Kim Yeon-ah 2012 Code Name: Jackal Bong Min-jung 2013 Maritime Police Marco Lulu Korean dubbing New World Shin-woo 2016708090 Duan Yu Rong Chinese film Television series 2006 Princess Hours Min Hyo-rin 2006 MBC Jumong Lady Ye So-ya 2011 MBC Detectives in Trouble Jo Min-joo 2011 KBS2 Gyebaek Eun-go 2013. MBC Heaven's Order: The Fugitive of Joseon Hong Da-in KBS2 2014 Emergency Couple Oh Jin-heetvN 2015The Girl Who Sees SmellsHerself (cameo, ep. 1; with Running Man cast) 2015 SBS Ex-Girlfriend Club Kim Soo-jintvN


She is a virtual couple with Kang Gary in Running Man. In running man, she is the host that has collected the most gold which gives her the name Gold Ji Hyo. She is also the luckiest member.

Lee Kwang Soo

He is a actor and silly character. some of his works are 2011 Battlefield Heroes Moon-di 2012 Wonderful Radio Cha Dae-keun 2012 The Scent Gi-poong 2012 All About My Wife PD Choi 2013 A Wonderful Moment Kim Jeong-il 2013 Maritime Police Marco Marco 2013 Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Patchi 2014 Confession Min-soo 2014 A Dynamite Family Constable Park 2015 Collective Invention Park Goo Television drama 2008 The Scale of Providence Oh Kwang-chulSBS 2008–2009Here He ComesOh Man-sooMBC 2009–2010High Kick Through the RoofLee Kwang-sooMBC 2010Dong YiPark Young-dal[24]MBC 2011City HunterKo Ki-joonSBS 2011–2012Bachelor's Vegetable StoreNam Yoo-bong[25]Channel A 2012The Innocent ManPark Jae-gilKBS2 2013Dating Agency: CyranoChoi Dal-in (guest appearance in episodes 6-8)[26]tvN 2013 Goddess of FirePrince ImhaeMBC 2013 Potato Star 2013QR3 2013 Bo-young's first love (cameo in episode 18)[27]tvN 2014 Secret Love Lee Tae-yang Episodes 7-8: A Seven Day Summer Dramacube 2014 It's Okay, That's LovePark Soo-kwangSBS 2015 The Girl Who Sees SmellsHimself (cameo with the Running Man cast, episode 1)SBS 2016 Puck! Jo Joon-man SBS 2016 Descendants of the Sun Toy gun range shooting shop worker (cameo in episode 1)KBS2 2016 Dear My Friends Yoo Min-ho (Special Guest Appearance) tvN 2016 Hwarang: The Beginning cameo KBS2 2016 Entourage Cha Joon tvN 2016 The Sound Of Your Heart Cho Seok KBS2


He has the most nicknames on running man a few are Framer Kwang-soo (모함광수), Giraffe (기린), and Icon of Betrayal (배신의 아이콘). Also, He has the worst luck. He is 6'3 feet tall.

Kang Gary

Born February 24, 1978 (age 38) He is a rapper and is part of a band called Leessang. Here are his music. Mr.Gae (2014) Albums 2002 (2015) Singles "Your Scent" (사람냄새) with Jung-in (May 27, 2014) "Bicycle" (자전거) with Jung-in (September 1, 2014) "Lonely Night" (또 하루) with Gaeko(December 31, 2015) "Mei Guan Xi (It's Okay)" ( 沒關係) (May 14, 2016) Some of Leessangs Songs 2013눈물 (Tears)Eugene (The SeeYa) 2015주마등 (Kaleidoscope)MI-WOO some of their albums Hexagonal[9]Released: October 6, 2009 Label:Jungle Entertainment Format: CD, digital download 23 Asura Balbalta[10]Released: August 25, 2011 Label: Jungle Entertainment Format: CD, digital download 2 KOR: 27,755+[11] Unplugged[12]Released: May 25, 2012 Label: Jungle Entertainment Format: CD, digital download 6


His looks are always compared to squid. He owns a restaurant in Seoul.

I'm marathon watching RunningMan with my friend @Viresse . We are in the middle of 2012 which means that we have alot more episodes to watch. I've fallen in love with many Korean artist and actors due to this show. ♥ I am fond of KwangSoo, JungKook, Gary, HaHa... who am I kidding? I love all the RunningMan cast. ♥♥♥
@TerraToyaSi I just made it to 2014 this past week! I'm determined to catch up to current time eventually! 😃
I love Running Man, it always makes me laugh!
Ugh . Please tag me