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Important announcement! First of all: LATE. So I complained about how difficult the uniforms were and oh, and behold, this was the hardest one oh my god! If I ever draw him again I dunno if I can have the patience to draw the uniform again. So uh, after this series I'm thinking of not drawing in manga-style for a while. By that I mean that I will not be drawing characters in their respective art styles. I'm doing this because I feel like I'm losing my own art style. It might sound a bit crazy, but it's true. I can draw my OC three times and result in three different versions. I'm taking a bit of a hiatus to go on a Pokemon journey to find my style again. It doesn't mean I'll stop drawing, but for a while I might not post for a while. I will still post the 8th drawing (minor character from the Kuroko no Basuke series) requested by you. Kuroko no Basuke; Kuroko no Basket; The basketball which Kuroko plays: Murasakibara Atsushi (too lazy to write the rest lol sports anime stuff OK)
@JessicaFerrier @DestinyAgnew Thank you both so much.
Ya the uniforms definitely look hard to draw but you did an excellent job 😆
yea agree with @JessicaFerrier u did an awesome job on it😆