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WARNING: Mature Situations
You don’t think you’d have the power to say no to anything this man asked of you. You thought you loved him before; within the last 24 hrs he’s imprinted himself permanently on your heart. You look over into his eyes, yours a little moist with emotion and nod. The smile that spreads across his face is priceless and pierces your heart again. He keeps his eyes on you as he says,
“She said yes. We’ll have to call you back another time.”
With one hand he cradles your face and with the other he turns his phone off.
“You’ll really come? You aren’t just a dream I’m going to wake up from and wish I hadn’t? I keep thinking all this has to be a dream.”
You lean in and press your lips to his. He pulls you over onto his lap and gives you the sweetest kiss you’ve ever received.
When you pull back, he sits brushing your hair back, examining your face.
“If I’m not real then neither are you. You’re far too good to be true. Where are your faults?”
He laughs, “Oh they are there, and they are plenty. I’m keeping them hidden until I have you so in love with me that they won’t matter. So you'd never have a reason to leave me.”
He has no idea that you are already there. You would follow this man anywhere he asked, as long as it meant you got to be together. His voice speaking your name, his thoughts shared with you, his worries and fears yours to wash away; his body yours to touch and hold.
You brush a hair from his forehead and press a kiss there. His arms tighten around you as he takes your lips in a far more passionate kiss then before. Within seconds the two of you are lost in each other again; the taste, the smell, the feel, of the only one you want to be with.
Sometime later, you are wandering around trying to locate your phone.
“I need to call and tell Lee that I won’t be moving in.”
He’s wandering around in just his unbuttoned jeans and is slightly distracting to you.
He catches you staring and smiles; wandering over to where you’re sitting he places a quick kiss on your lips.
“I’d ask if you like what you see, but I’m pretty sure I already know the answer.”
You smack his behind as he laughs and walks off, turning to wink at you as he heads into the bathroom.
You take a breath and dial Lee. It isn’t like you should be nervous, she knows the situation. You just don’t like rearranging plans once they are already made. Lee answers on the third ring and doesn’t even let you get a word in.
“It is 4 o’clock in the afternoon; the sex must be out of this world! I mean, I expected to hear from you after I dropped off your cases at 11 this morning. Guess you were a little distracted huh?”
You know your face is red but you can’t help but laugh at her. “Lee!”
“What?!?! Are you going to tell me I’m wrong because I know you’ll be lying! You forget I spent the day with the two of you yesterday. The steam literally rose off the two of you; I was beginning to need a cold shower. And that was with you barely touching! I can only imagine what happened when you were told you had free reign.” She starts making yummy sounds,
“I’ve seen your man; I have to tell you I’m a little jealous. Guess that means I need to find me my own sexy Korean. Think I can?”
Now that you can get a word in, you’ve just got to say it quick before she heads off on another tangent.
“Lee? I’m going back to Seoul with [HN] and moving in with Eun.”
The phone is actually silent for a moment.
“Moving in with Eun? I figured you’d go back with him; anyone would have to be blind not to see how much you love him. But moving in with his pretend girlfriend? I think you need to explain this one to me.”
“It was their idea actually. If I move in with Eun, then he can come and go and no one will question it. He can also bring her husband along, I guess he and I will be the other smoke screen. But it allows them to be together also.”
You pause for a minute, “I can’t imagine how long she had to wait to just marry the man she loves and now she still can’t be with him until things are finalized. I feel really bad for her.”
You feel hands on your shoulders and as you look up he squeezes your shoulders and kisses your nose. You watch him walk off with his phone, you assume to call Eun back.
“Well that does make sense and I’m sure it would make things a lot easier. You sure you can do it? Won’t you feel awkward?”
“If I didn’t know she was married, yes. But knowing they are just friends helps. Granted, they are incredibly close friends and I’m going to have to get used to that.”
You glance out at the balcony where he took his call before saying, “I’m kind of hoping that bond will lessen a little once she can be with her husband full time.”
Lee sighs, “You have to accept it for what it is [YN]. She is and has been an important part of his life for their whole lives. You can’t expect that to change. I think you’re just going to have to allow a portion of his life and heart to always belong to her. If your relationship lasts and gets to that stage, you’ll have to feel secure that his love for you is different but just as lasting. If you can’t do that, you need to come and move in here. Otherwise the only road for the two of you will be filled with pain and bitterness. You both deserve better than that.”
She’s right. It’s selfish of you to want to be the only woman in his heart when you know the circumstances. When you hang up with Lee you have to sit and think. Can you be that selfless? Can you share him with someone else? Isn’t it a little like falling in love with a widower? Knowing there is another love in their heart but that it doesn't lessen their love for you? Every day people fall in and out of love; have their hearts broken or their lives destroyed by a lost love. Doesn’t it make sense that the heart has room to grow and as you mature, you learn it is much more cavernous then you once imagined? Able to hold many people and things sacred?
You look up as he finishes his call and comes back in the room.
“Everything settled and good with Lee?”
You nod, “Same with Eun?”
“Yes. She already has your room picked out and is airing it out for your arrival tomorrow.”
He sits next to you on the couch, his finger tracing down your cheek.
“You looked rather serious just a minute ago, are you sure everything’s alright?”
You catch his hand before he drops it and kiss his palm.
“Everything’s great. Are you going to feed me? I believe I’m in need of replenishing my energy again.”
Sorry, i got lost on Taecyeon...
while reading this series I never had a permanent male casted for the lead.. smh it could have perfectly been Taecyeon or Rain.. smh then again I liked switching up with whoever pic you post or whoever I'm obsessed with at the moment.
Oh on a side note...thank you for the eye candy! hehe! So agreeing with @pharmgirlerin 😊
Take things like you have day at a time. Breathe...inhale, exhale. Try not to over think and just let things came. Your bestie gave you some food for thought, now just digest it!😊
*Let's take a moment to appreciate that picture if Taec* Yum, that's so nice thanks! You have a great eye for the hunkiest hunks!
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