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"Fingers" Taehyung (19+)

So for those who may not have wanted a V & Baek one here is one just of him
He has really nice fingers, doesn’t he?”
“Huh?” you break your sleepy gaze from the board where the teacher is writing who knows what and you focus on your friend, who is looking at pictures on her phone. She’s staring at a picture of your roommate you sent her a while ago, where he’s seen wearing sunglasses and eating ice cream with a really hot sun shining in the distance. You took it without him realizing, and thought it looked really cool.
“He does. Look.” Your friends zooms in to where he’s holding the ice cream, his long fingers wrapped around the base. Your eyebrows go up slightly as you realize your friend is actually right, surprised at the fact that you hadn’t noticed this before. He really has huge hands, with long, lean fingers, and you don’t know why, but you think it kinda suits him.
“Oh.” you say quietly, not knowing how to react. You lift your gaze to your friend’s face to see her devilish smirk and glinting eyes.
“You know what this means, right?” she whispers, still smiling, and she even lets out a little laugh. “I’m a perv, sorry.”
“Ugh. Yes, you are. That hadn’t even crossed my mind.” you immediately respond, making a grossed out face as you continue to look at the zoomed in picture.
The moment Taehyung and you became close friends and roommates it became weird to see him that way. Sure, you kind of did at the beginning, the moment you two first met and thought he had a really cute smile and beautiful face, but once he became one of your best friends the thought didn’t appear ever again in your mind. And you really want to keep it that way.
“You’re crazy. I can’t believe how you’ve kept your hands to yourself for so long.” she murmurs with honest disbelief, which makes you roll your eyes. Instead of answering you turn off the screen of her phone, making her huff and start paying attention.
It’s after a couple of days that you start wishing this dumb conversation never happened.
It starts with small, innocent things. Things you’ve always overlooked because there is nothing special about them, nothing to notice. Things like your roommate preparing coffee in the morning before you two go to class.
“You there?”
“Sorry. Were you saying something?” you ask innocently, realizing your eyes were fixated on his hand as he poured down the milk in your cup of coffee. Stupid thoughts like his fingers are so nice were running through the back of your mind, and you try to stop them as Taehyung eyes you with curiosity.
“Yeah. I was asking you about the test you have next week. Are you nervous or something?” he puts down the box of milk, and now his hands are grabbing his own cup to take a quick sip. God, you sigh internally as you notice how his fingers wrap around the cup almost all the way.
“Hmm.” you answer, trying to focus on his eyes without success. He’s definitely looking at you funny now.
“If there is something that’s bothering you, let me know, okay? You know you can tell me anything.”
“Hmm.” you murmur again, gulping with difficulty. Unable to take it any longer, you get up and say bye, not even touching your coffee. You’re a nervous mess the rest of the day, cursing at him every half an hour as you try to unsuccessfully focus on your university lessons.
It gets way worse when he tries to touch you. The day after your test, a week after the coffee incident, you two decide to have one of your usual gaming sessions you always plan after a test. It’s a relaxing way to celebrate that you’re a little bit less stressed now, which is something you really, really need, but sadly, there’s nothing relaxing about this supposedly calm day.
“No! No! Don’t go that way!” Taehyung yells as you laugh at the screen. You’re incredibly bad at this game, which is Tae’s favorite, and you’ve always found it absolutely hilarious how he gets so worked up with every little mistake you make. Tae screams with desperation and you almost choke laughing, your fun stopping abruptly when he grabs your hand to stop you from playing.
You swallow, feeling his warm fingers brushing your skin and touching the pulse on your wrist. You’re sure he can feel your heartbeat speeding up like crazy, and you let go of the controller as if it is burning your skin. It falls on the floor with a loud thud, and you laugh again, this time nervously.
“Ah. I’m tired now. It’s super late, I think we should go to sleep.” you say, eyeing the time on your phone: it’s only 10:00 pm.
“Hey. You okay? Sorry if I never let you play—”
“I’m okay!” You smile widely at him, your expression faltering at the worried expression on his face. “I didn’t sleep at all yesterday. I was such a mess, thinking about the test.” you laugh again for no reason. Feeling upset at how nervous you’ve become, you get up and go to your room without even saying goodbye.
Closing the door and sitting on your bed, your fingers rake through your hair as you sigh and try to work out the wild thoughts that have been driving you mad lately.
I just need to let it fade away. It will fade away. You try to convince yourself, lying on your bed and falling asleep almost immediately.
A few days pass, one worse than the other. Your thoughts don’t fade at all: if anything, they become stronger and bolder, your mind screaming at you with more force everyday, stopping you from interacting with your best friend as you used to. Things are no longer normal between you two anymore, and you hate it. You hate it so much, hate the way he looks at you with deep hurt every time you get home and greet him dryly, locking yourself up in your room so you don’t have to look at him again for the rest of the day.
Its then, in the quiet night when you know everyone is asleep, that you let your thoughts run free, your own fingers caressing your body as you imagine it’s Taehyung, touching you with his own soft, big hands, the images driving you crazy and making you orgasm like you have never before.
The silent, awkward treatment lasts exactly five days. It’s like any other night, and you’re home earlier than Taehyung, which allows you to have dinner in the living room and not in your room like you’ve been doing lately. You sit on the couch with your food, turning on the TV and focusing on whatever it’s going on there, thankful for the distraction that stops you from thinking about him so much.
The thoughts are not just about his fingers anymore, which is even more worrying. They still play an important part, but now you also imagine every part of his body in your fantasies, and he has kissed you in your mind more times than you’d ever admit out loud.
You suddenly hear the main door open, which makes your heart race and your hands tremble, and you have to put your plate down so Taehyung doesn’t notice. Focusing on the screen, you listen as he puts his backpack down on the floor and comes to the living room, wincing as his steps come closer until he finally sits down next to you on the couch.
You slowly turn towards him, blinking at his serious expression.
“Can we talk?” he asks in a small voice, without a trace of his usual playful tone. You bite your lip and nod curtly.
“Just tell me what I did and I’ll apologize. Whatever it is I did, whatever it is I’m doing. I will stop. I just need for things to go back to normal. Please.” his voice breaks a little at the end, making your heart ache.
“I’m sorry, Tae. I never wanted you to think I was mad at you.” you answer, looking at him right in the eye, and hey, at least this is honest. “I’m just… I’m very stressed lately. You know I shut everyone out when this happens.” This wasn’t a lie either. It just wasn’t the main reason.
Taehyung nods, looking at the floor, and you can’t tell if he’s buying it or not.
“Are you sure?” he asks, fixating his eyes on you again, and wow, he is so, so handsome, and now you understand what your friend said not so long ago while looking at the picture of him eating ice cream. How could I resist him for so long?
You sigh and nod, this time giving him a little smile. He smiles back, making your cheeks get a little red.
“Oh! I have an idea.” he suddenly says excitedly. “Close your eyes.”
“What?” your voice shakes as your heart starts beating with even more force, and you can listen to it clearly in your ears, almost overcoming Taehyung’s deep voice.
“Just do it. You’ll like it, I promise.”
You gulp and do as he says. “Kim Taehyung, if you’re pulling some weird shit on me right now…”
He laughs, glad to hear some of the old you back. You hear him shuffle a little. “It will be okay.”
You contain your gasp as you feel him get closer, frowning with confusion as he sits behind you and you end up positioned between his legs. You can feel his chest against your back, his soft, calm breaths relaxing your frenzied heartbeat a little. Only a little, because the thought alone of having Taehyung so close to you is making your thoughts go completely hectic, your face completely flushed and your hands sweating as you scrunch up the fabric of your sweatpants. This is definitely worse than the few minutes before an important test.
It’s then that you feel his fingers delicately touch your shoulders. He applies pressure gradually, and it’s after a few seconds that you realize he’s actually giving you a massage, his hands caressing you with force and gentleness at the same time.
You’re coming undone. All the walls you put up around you are breaking easily, as if they’re made of thin glass, and you try to control your moans as he continues his soft massage and starts speaking against your ear.
“I’ve been told I’m very good at this. Wow, you have a lot of knots.” He continues working on your tensed muscles, and you feel his long fingers almost brushing your collarbones, his thumbs brushing your neck softly and making you shiver pleasantly from head to toe.
He starts quietly telling a story about how he always gave massages in his high school days, but you can barely listen to him. You can’t control your ragged breaths now, and you know it won’t be long until you start moaning loudly. The heat between your legs is becoming unbearable, and you press your thighs together in a desperate attempt at some kind of friction. Your skin feels like it’s on fire, and all you can feel are Taehyung’s lovely, perfect hands, the hands you’ve been thinking about for so many days and that have been driving you mad since you noticed them that day.
Taehyung finishes his story, and you know you’re completely soaked now. You’ll definitely have to change once you go hide in your room again.
“I’ll press a little harder, okay? It might hurt a little.” he warns, his fingers applying a noticeable pressure, and this time you can’t control the loud, needy moan that comes out of your mouth. You’re not in control of your body anymore, Taehyung is.
Tae’s fingers falter for a second.
“Uh. That didn’t hurt, did it?” he laughs nervously behind you, confusion clear in his tone, and you shake your head. You don’t care about hiding it anymore, not in your current delirious state. All you know is that you need more of those fingers on your skin.
“Ah. Should I stop?” he asks in a murmur, and you can hear him gulping loudly. You shake your head again.
“Keep going.” your voice is small and breathy, the need and lust pouring out of your mouth, and Taehyung will definitely know now how much you’re loving his touch. Without uttering a word, he starts working again with the same firmness as before, and this time you don’t bother hiding your breathy, high pitched moans, tilting your head to the side as you get completely lost in him. Your own hand starts inching its way up your thigh and, unable to control yourself, you press your fingers on your dripping heat on top of the fabric, an even more desperate moan leaving your lips.
He sighs heavily on your ear, and you can suddenly feel his cheek right beside yours as he looks down at what you’re doing down there.
“Oh, fuck.” he murmurs, applying even more pressure on your shoulders. He’s breathing faster now, his chest heaving against your back in a delicious cadence, and you let your head rest against his shoulder, giving up on holding yourself up. You’re completely pressed against him now, making it almost impossible for him to continue massaging you, so he gives up and instead continues to watch as you rub yourself through the cloth you really need to take off soon.
His fingers leave your shoulders and start traveling down your arms, making you shiver intensely as he caresses lightly up and down, whimpering as he finally, finally puts his lips on your skin, kissing your neck lightly and gradually getting bolder, licking and sucking and biting until you’re a moaning mess on his arms, unable to touch yourself anymore.
“Jesus christ. You sound so hot.” he breathes against your neck. “Look at me.”
You open your eyes and turn around, not caring about how red your face is and the lust that is clouding your expression, and you gasp as you notice the same sultry look you’re sure you have in his eyes.
“Is this what you’ve wanted these last few days?” he asks, his lips too close to yours, and you nod quietly. “Tell me.”
“Y-your fingers… I…” you’re unable to continue as his hands start caressing your stomach, sighing deeply at the delicious touch.
“My fingers what?”
“I like your hands. I want them on me. All the time.” There. You finally said it, feeling free for the first time in days. He looks at you with a little bit of surprise at first, the wonder slowly turning into want and lust again.
“Well… how about we let them start now.” he answers, his fingers sneaking up under your shirt to touch your bare skin. All you can do is moan, biting your lip harshly as he teases you with feather touches.
“Let’s get rid of this.” he whispers before kissing your neck, lifting up your shirt so you can take it off. He completely owns you now, so you obey silently as he undresses you from the waist up, leaving you in nothing but your sweatpants. The cold on your bare breasts makes you shiver, but it is immediately replaced with wild heat as his fingers inch up from your stomach to your already hardened nipples.
You bite your lip so hard you’re sure you start bleeding as you feel his soft fingers brush the sensitive nubs, softly at first then getting bolder with each passing second. They rub and pinch without hesitation, the pleasure washing over you in intense waves as he also plants open mouthed kisses on your neck and shoulder. You can’t take the mad pleasure anymore, it’s too much, and you tell him so, making him bring his lips to your earlobe where he bites gently.
“Too much? Do you need to come already?” his deep voice in your ear makes you shiver and you never thought it was possible for you to get so horny, desperate and blind with lust, but here you are, a trembling mess in Tae’s hands and wanting nothing more than for him to pleasure you in every way possible.
“I do.” you say in a small voice, and he brushes his lips behind your ear.
“Do you also want my fingers here?” he teases as one of his hands releases your breast to trace down your stomach until it reaches the waistband of your loose pants. You nod eagerly and he laughs, glad he’s not playing with you anymore as his fingers keep going under the fabric of your sweatpants and underwear and he finally reaches your dripping core.
The moan that comes out of both of you is hot and desperate, biting your lip in shame as you notice him feeling all the wetness that has been pooling in your panties since he first started touching your shoulders.
“Wow. Fuck.” he whispers and you gasp as you feel him press his hardness against your back. “You’re so wet.” he breathes in awe and he immediately inserts one long finger inside of you, pumping slowly and driving you mad as you feel him go in an out easily. He inserts another finger after only a few seconds, making you sigh and whimper at the incredible sensation of those hands pleasuring you, one of them fingering you and another caressing everything it can reach. His lips are still enjoying themselves on the skin of your neck, where you’re sure bruises and love bites will appear all over the place tomorrow, and you can feel him grinding his hard cock against you, making you desperately want to reach behind you to pleasure him the same way.
The sensations are so intense and overwhelming you can almost feel yourself over the brink already. The change in your moans alerts him, making him stop and you whimper in annoyance as the pleasure abruptly vanishes. He brings his wet fingers to his face, and you turn around and swallow as you see him suck on them as if they were the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.
His hand comes up to the back of your neck to bring you closer to him and your lips crash with his immediately, engaging in a forceful and heated kiss, his tongue fighting for dominance inside your mouth as he groans deeply, making you bite his bottom lip harshly. He hisses at the rough sensation, sucking on your lip so hard it’s almost painful. You separate from him, making him whine, and you get up from the couch to remove the last bit of clothing that is covering your body. He watches hungrily as your naked body straddles him, and you remove his shirt hastily before kissing him again, swallowing his moans as you touch his chest and your nails rake his skin. He feels so soft and hot under your hands, and you believe you could touch him for hours and never get enough of it.
“Your hands are not so bad either.” he murmurs against your lips, making you laugh softly as your fingers travel down his stomach, making him shiver. You finally reach his waistband, your fingers teasing his hard bulge and making him moan in desperation.
You yelp as he suddenly grabs you and gets up from the couch, and you immediately wrap your legs around his hips as he continues to kiss you as he takes you both to his bedroom, laughing a little as he almost trips a couple of times.
He drops you on his bed, and he admires the view for a couple of seconds as he takes down his pants and boxers, biting your lip as you finally get to see his straining erection standing proudly before your eyes. He pumps it a few times, making him moan a little.
“Come on.” you say hurriedly, licking your lips at the sight. “I’m going crazy here.”
He almost runs to the bed, hovering on top of you as he puts his hands on either side of your head. He leans down to kiss you deeply one more time, and you gasp when you feel his cock brushing your thigh, your hunger growing bigger by the second. You immediately get a hold of it, griping it firmly and making him groans desperately as his tongue plays with your own, stroking his hardness with a confidence you never thought you had in you and that drives him mad with pleasure.
“I can’t wait any longer. I need to fuck you.” he moans between kisses and you nod, squeezing his dick softly and making him tremble.
He grabs a condom from his bedside table and you put it on for him, almost unable to take your eyes off his face as he looks at you with a burning passion that you never thought would be returned. Suddenly overwhelmed with so many feelings, you kiss him again, this time not so rushed and much more gentle, blushing at the intimate moment as he kisses back with the same intensity, making you feel a weird happiness and a strange warmth in your chest you’re not sure you understand yet.
You both release a sigh as he finally enters you, his length slowly pushing inside your walls until he’s fully inside. It feels so, so good to be so close to him, and you can’t help but kiss him again and grab onto him tightly, biting his neck softly as you feel him shiver with pleasure. He grabs one of your legs to put in on his shoulder, and he gives you an intense stare before finally starting to move, looking into his eyes as he goes faster and faster, your moans getting louder as you close your eyes and feel him rest his head on your shoulder, unable to hold himself up anymore. He whispers your name softly in your ear, making you shiver, and he starts thrusting so hard into you you can almost see stars behind your eyelids.
The moment his fingers start stroking your clit is when you finally reach your high, your mouth opening silently in deep pleasure as he also releases himself inside of you, his desperate groans filling the room. You two slowly grow quieter until the only thing that can be heard are your tired gasps, your heartbeat slowly going back to normal as you caress his sweaty back.
He finally lifts his head from your shoulder, and you both look at each other: you noticing his sweaty hair, his swollen lips and his shiny, clear eyes full of after sex glow, and him noticing your wrecked but completely pleased expression. You both smile at each other at the same time, laughing almost shyly, which is funny considering all the things you two did in the past hour.
“Please tell me you won’t give me the silent treatment again tomorrow.”
“No way.” you say, brushing his lips with your fingers and feeling like kissing him again. You listen to your thoughts this time, giving him a quick, soft peck, and he smiles at you warmly.
“Good. Because it’d be awesome if we could do this more often. Everyday, maybe. Twice a day.” you laugh at his words, and you push him lightly so he gets off of you and lays down beside you. He goes to the bathroom to clean himself up a little, and you know you should too, but you’re way too sore and tired after so many intense feelings in such a short time. Still naked, he comes back to bed with a small smile dancing on his lips, one you can’t help but return. He lays down beside you again, and you turn around to face him, looking at his beautiful and peaceful face, and you kiss his collarbone gently.
“I’m sorry I behaved like that. I was dumb.” you say, resting your head on his shoulder, and he hums as he starts caressing your hair.
“It’s okay. If you ever start acting like that again, I’ll just use my magic hands.” he answers lightly, making you laugh against his skin. Magic hands, indeed.

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