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I want to share a story. of my childhood.

I was asked by my teacher to do this senior memory thing. flashback is one of them, where I could relive a day of my life. this is one of the few stories that define who I am and what I belive in.
Flashback Back in Mexico, I used to have a friend by the name of Sara. Although, there were many kids, she was my first best friend. It was never awkward between me and her, we were young and and all we knew back then was friendship. We lived on a road named Tepeguahe, a little strip of land in the middle of nowhere, a few miles off El Rio Grande. Just about all the adults when to work, and so we would do what we wanted. We used to love going to the river to swim and play in the sand. Sometimes we would go there in groups with the rest of the kids, but most of the time we would go by ourself. If I could relive a day it would be one of those, or better yet, the last day I saw her smile . There wassent anything different that day, but it all changed so quick. We were swimming, but not swimming. It was strange, we were moving the opposite direction. I was taller, so I frantically kicked at the mud. I remember reaching back to grab her, but our hands didn't touch. I remember her scream my name, I remember her scream my name. I made it to the banks and looked back, she wassen’t there, but I saw something else. A hole, a gap in the water, spiraling around like a flower, a vortex of death. A few years passed and like any other gullible child I prayed at night. I would always include Sara in my prayers and hoped that she was doing alright. But there was one night I couldn't sleep, that night I ran outside until I fell from exhaustion. There I got on my knees and punched the rocks with all I had. My feet bare, my knuckles torn, I got on my back and looked up. That night it had hit me like a slap to the face, a single thought that filled me with rage, “why din't God save her that day”. I layed on my back for a while, before I noticed the stars, so distant. Maybe God was like that, a simple idea in the back of our minds, a useless thought. So yes, if I could relive a day, I would go back to the river and stop myself, maybe then I would still belive in lies.
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Oh wow, this was for school? It was really well-written.
Wow, this is really heartbreaking
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