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You guys I found Got7 in this kdrama! !!! I'm so hyped!!!!! it's called dream knight!!
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@MaeLyn my bad😝 @JaxomB thats great!!!!
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@AmberFranco Yes they they are.. and if you want to watch JB and JR. in a Drama Dramafever also has.. Dream High 2.. I don't get tire of watching those two dramas hahaha. when I want to se my Babies. . and if I want to see Jackson Dramafever has Roommates too...
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If you want to watch dramas w/o commercials and w/o paying for premium try www.dramanice. The search mechanism isn't as great and it doesn't keep track of where you are like does, but I like it better. It also often has many more dramas not even available in DF, especially Tdramas if you like those.
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@luna1171 @TaraJenner thank you!!!❤
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I loved dream night
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