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I feel like I say this a lot these days. My hearing is really going... However, you can say this not only when you didn't hear someone clearly, but also when you're surprised by what someone is saying (the nuance is like, "What?!"). 뭐라고?
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@divalycious you would say 뭐라고하셨나요?(mwo-ra-go-ha-syeot-na-yo?) and also use 다시 말씀해주시겠어요?(da si mal ssum hae ju si get ssu yo?) means "can you say it again?", "say it again, plaease"
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i can't speak english well.. sorry ^^;;;
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@huhuhu9 khamsahamnida!! xx
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@huhuhu9 괜찮아요. 나는 한국에서 잘 말할 수 없다.
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@huhuhu9 Sorry, I guess I shouldn't assume you are Korean just because you help someone with a Korean phrase.
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