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So our Hanbin leader has been hit with an issue. Trans: >iKON first or Bobby's solo first? that is the problem. >What do you think? >thinking bear image.
Papa YG has been posting subtle teasers on both iKON's comeback and Bobby's first solo single, (a really strong and intense hip hop song.) on his instagram. I AM SO EXCITED! I mean...here I am recovering and dying from one groups comeback to only be hit in the face with possibly soon comeback from iKON? AAAAAAHHHHH! I HOPE IT'S SOON. I WANT MY BOYS TO COMEBACK.
BUT back to B.I's dilemma. iKON first? OR Bobby's Solo first?
I know what my opinion is. But what do you guys think? iKON first or Bobby's solo?
*pictures are not mine *translation from ikonofficial_
much as I love Bobby I'd rather see IKON's come back first
same time same day