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first of all ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THIS!!!!!!! What the HELL was going through their minds! they do NOT deserve this shit!! Laughing at yoongi when he told them to stop following them! chasing the kindest and sweetest ones in the group! Peeping on rap mon just omfg!! I LOVE YOU BTS!! I APOLOGIZE FOR THESE PEOPLES ACTIONS!!! >:(
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tbh if I was there like rn at that time and saw this i would drag each fan away and beat them tbh like no back tf up let them have their vacation you crazy shits how hard is it to leave them alone like ugh pisses me off like I wanna beat them all with a damn bat how dare they
Tbh if you did this in the US it would probably be harassment because this is just to much like some girls need to calm their WHOREMONES an back the F up treat them how u would treat any normal celebrity from where your from
I'm still pissed off about it AND SOME BITCH RIPPED JIN'S SHIRT! 馃槨 This makes me wonder if fans in America will do something like this when BTS goes to NY and LA for KCON. I feel so bad for my boys, time to build a team of bodyguards! Oh I'm so pissed off!!!! I'm not gonna hate every person in Sweden for just a few crazies who I would like to cut and smack upside their heads, but I hope BTS leaves from there soon. It was their vacation time and these dumbass fans can't let them be on vacation and have some relaxing time. SHAME ON YOU!!!! 馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨
And luckily, they left and now are in Finland. Hope fans don't do nothing crazy there!
I knew that was gonna happen.. I knew they wasn't gonna be able to enjoy their vacation once the word got out there were gonna be in Sweden.. I really thought the fans was gonna leave them alone so they could relax I guess I was wrong.. I mean I know they knew somebody was gonna recognize them but to chase them down even after they ask you to leave them alone.. AND TO BE PEEKING AT MY NAMJOON BEHIND A CLOSED AND LOCKED DOOR.. I hope your happy for INVADING his privacy like a freaking pervert