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Reader X Kai School/ Fluff Warning: laugauge and slight violence
The day after the evening practice I am at my locker. As close my locker I received a invitation from Kate to come to the bathroom. So went. When I entered it was Kate and four others waiting. The bathroom was completely empty no one but then and I. She walked up to me and asked ,with an attitude "What did you and Kai do last night?" Before I could answer nicely and say nothing she cut me off- "You didn't ask my permission to be with him. Answer me bitch!" At that point all thoughts of being nice were gone.I responded, "First you need to watch how you talk to me, my name is Y/N not bitch. Second I don't need to ask your permission Kim Jong-in is a grown ass man who does not need your permission to practice." This shocked her. She never had anyone talk back to her. I wasn't going to let her bully me like she did others. She start yelling and screaming with fury. I didn't care. As I was about to walk out the bathroom one of the girls grabbed my hair and threw me on the floor. All of the girls including Kate began to punch and hit me. I tried my best to fight back but the odds were against me. When they were done Kate spat "Stay away for my boyfriend and you need to give dropout showcase. I laid on the cold bathroom floor until I got enough strength to walk out. I looked in the mirror I had a bloody nose and lip and my hair was a mess. I walked out the coast was clear or so I thought. I turned and bumped into no other then Kai. I ended up falling on the floor. He said "Oh sorry." As he bent to help me up he saw my face and looked concerned. He said "Oh my God what happened who did this to you." I replied "Nobody" as i tried to push him away. Next thing I know he pulls me in and holds me tight. I was so shock at what was happening. Being In his embace was so warm and his smell was so calming. At that moment I felt safe I want to stay like that forever. In my ear he whispers "Why are you lying?" At that moment I was fighting back my tears. I wanted to tell him everything but couldn't. I stayed silent. He said "Let's go to the nurse. I will tell the director that you can't come to practice today." "No" I shrieked. I wasn't going to give Kate satisfaction. "I am going to practice today as long as my legs are ok ." Still with a concerned look we walked to the nurse. Later that day it was time for practice. I was changed and did my stretches as normal. When Kate came in she came to me and snickered "Eww what happen to your face." I riled my eyes and ignored her. Ten minutes later a concerned Kai approached me "You don't need to push yourself." I said I promise I won't. After practice I left before everyone to change. As I go in to the dressing I see Kate and Kai's bestfriend Sehun, down each other's throats. At this point I was royally pissed off.
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