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Mark wakes up with a piercing headache. He woke up several times that night, sleep not bothering to find him. He groans and rubs his head, sitting up on the bed. He glances over at his dresser, eyeing the pill bottles that lie there. He hasn't been taking any of his meds. They don't help, he always said. All they did was make him sick, or make him feel worse. Maybe if he kept taking them on a constant schedule, those symptoms would pass, but he didn't want to do that. He lets out an exhausted sigh, "Jackson is not going to be happy about this," he says to himself. He was about to fall back asleep, but the loud, unexpecting knock shoot him back to reality
"Mark, open up!" Jacks.on screamed from outside the door.
Mark smiles, his heart fluttering at the sound of Jackson's voice. He gets out of bed and grabs his black hoodie, hoping that the sleeves are long enough to cover up his wrist.
"Mark, hurry up!" Jackson whined as he kept banging on the door. Yes, he is at Mark's apartment early in the morning, probably disturbing Mark's neighbors, but he didn't care. He just really needed to see Mark. He had to tell him something, and it couldn't wait. He knocks on the door a little harder, "Mark!"
Mark slips on his hoodie and unlocks the front door. He opens it and sees Jackson standing in the doorframe, wearing simple jeans, T-shirt, and a big smile. Mark couldn't help but stare. 'God, how can anyone look this hot?' he thinks
"Hey," Jackson lets out, walking into the apartment. He looks at Mark, 'god he's so cute,' Jackson thinks to himself
Wait, where did that come from? Jackson represses that thought and walk up to Mark. "You look nice," he says, ruffling Mark's already messy hair.
"Well, sorry," Mark says sarcastically, closing the door. "I wasn't expecting anyone, or a wake-up call until at least 'til ten."
"I told you I would be here a little early," Jackson remarks, sitting down on the chair by the kitchen table.
"No, you didn't," Mark says, a confused look spread on his face.
"Yes, I did. I sent you a text late last night."
"You did?" Mark asks, reaching in his hoodie pocket to check his phone. Yep, there it is. There's Jackson text.
"Oh, I didn't see it. Sorry." He places his phone back in the hoodie pocket. He looks done and runs a hand through his hair.
"You're fine," Jackson reassures Mark. Mark lets out a small smile and walks into the kitchen. "I'm going to get some cereal. You want some?"
"Sure," Jackson says, getting up from the chair and following Mark. Mark opens the cupboard door. He reaches his arm up to grab the bowls, unaware that his bandaged arm his exposed.
Jackson saw it, though, and he was not happy about it.
"What's that?" He asked.
"What's what?" Mark asks, another confused look on his face.
"This," Jackson says firmly, taking ahold of Mark's forearm and holds it up in the air. Mark winces at the small pain in his wrist and Jackson's grip becomes tighter. "I thought you said you stopped," Jackson's voice becomes very serious, "I thought you were getting better," Jackson lowers Mark's wrist a little bit, "Why?"
Mark turns his head away from Jackson. He wishes he could tell Jackson why he's hurting, but he just can't bring himself to say why.
Jackson loosens his grip on Mark wrist, "Have you been taking your meds?"
Mark doesn't respond. He doesn't want to hear the disappointment in Jackson's voice when he says he hasn't. He doesn't want Jackson to be mad at him.
Jackson lets out a small sigh, "Mark,"
"Don't," Mark lets out harshly, "I don't need a lecture from you."
"I'm not going to lecture you."
Mark turns his head so he's looking straight into Jackson's eyes. "Yes, you are," he snatches his wrist from Jackson's grip. "You always do," he challenges, pushing past Jackson. He should've answered that text. He should've told Jackson to come over. If he hadn't told Jackson to come over, none of this would've happened.
Jackson turns around and grabs Mark's right wrist. "Hey," Mark lets out. He tries to pull away, but Jackson just tightens his grip. "Jackson," Mark whines, turning around to face him. He tugs his arm away, but Jackson just tightens his grip harder. "Please, just let m-"
Before Mark could finish his sentence, Jackson pulls Mark by his wrist, making Mark stumble closer to him. Mark sucks in a breathe, too aware of how close Jackson is to him. Jackson looks up at Mark and places his forehead on his. Mark swallows, hoping that Jackson can't hear how fast his heart is beating.
"Mark," Jackson whispers.
Mark can't help but blush and stare into Jackson's eyes. 'God, how can someone be this gorgeous?' he thinks. He studies Jackson's face some more, taking in every feature of his perfect face. Jackson looks up at Mark. "I understand you are upset, but harming yourself is not the answer."
Mark looks away, not wanting to see Jackson face. He's afraid that he has disappointed his friend. Jackson pulls his head back. "You can always talk to me you know. I'm always here for you. I understand that things can get too much sometimes. I know you are in a tough situation, But, please," Jackson reaches his hand out and places his hand under Mark's chin, moving it so Mark's face faces his. Mark meets Jackson's eyes yet again. "Please just talk to me when you feel like cutting. Please don't hurt yourself anymore." Jackson bites his lip, trying to prevent his tears from falling from his eyes. He hates seeing Mark hurt. He starts debating on what to say next, "I care about you Mark. I don't want you to be hurt."
Mark's heart drops for a minute. He cares?
"Y-You care?" Mark asks, still in a daze from being so close to his crush.
"Yes," Jackson let out, "I've cared about you since I met you."
Mark looks down, trying to hide his blushing face. "Thanks," he lets out shyly.
Jackson smiles and steps closer to Mark, wrapping his arms around Mark's waist, pulling him into a reassuring hug, catching Mark off guard. "You're my best friend, Mark. It's just part of my job."
Mark hesitates for a minute, but then rests his head in the crook of Jackson's neck and returns the hug, his heart beating a mile a minute. he breathes in and gets a hint of Jackson's cologne. 'God, he even smells amazing,' he thinks. He never wants this hug to end.
Jackson goes to pull away, but when he feels Mark tighten his embrace, Jackson stops moving. Jackson now feels his own heart beating fast. He's always cared about Mark, but what he's feeling right now is new to him. He doesn't know what to do, but he tightens his grip on Mark involuntarily, loving the way Mark's body feels against his.
This feeling scared Jackson, and he pushed himself off of Mark. Mark looks at Jackson, a concern look on his face, "Is something wrong?" he asks.
"N-no, I'm fine," Jackson stutters out, looking down at the floor, "D-do you want to watch some TV or something?" he shyly asks.
"Sure," Mark replies. Jackson quickly walks past Mark, keeping his head down do Mark doesn't see his red face. Mark follows Jackson, his heart still racing as they both sit down, watching TV in awkward silence.
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