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"My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" (K-Drama Review)


Cha Dae-woong (Lee Seung-gi) is a normal college student, with ambitions of becoming an action star. Until one day, he accidentally releases a gumiho (Shin Min-ah), a legendary fox with nine tails who was sealed inside a painting by Samshin Grandmother. Fleeing the scene, Dae-woong suffers a life-threatening fall and is only saved by the gumiho giving him her "fox bead". When Dae-woong awakes and meets a mysterious pretty girl, he initially treats her as eccentric or mentally ill, before finally understanding that she is a gumiho in human form. According to myth, gumihos eat men's livers, so Dae-woong is scared out of his wits, and the gumiho takes advantage of his fear by sticking by his side. He names her "Mi-ho," and keeps her happy by buying her beef and hiding her true identity. Mi-ho wants nothing more than to become human, so they strike a deal: she'll lend him her mystical fox bead so that with his increased speed and strength, he'll be able to do difficult stunts, and in exchange he'll help her become human. As time passes, they get to know each other better and Dae-woong is charmed by how Mi-ho looks at the world with childlike wonder.
Enter Park Dong-joo (No Min Woo), a half-human, half-supernatural being, whose cover identity is as a working veterinarian. Dong-joo tells Mi-ho that she'll be able to turn human if she follows these instructions: She must drink a human's blood then place her fox bead inside a human's body for 100 days. Once she does this, her supernatural self will start to die, gradually. Her gumiho energy will slowly empty away while her bead will live in the human for 100 days and take in his energy. And when she reclaims her bead, she will become human. Mi-ho happily complies, and Dae-woong accepts her bead.
However, Dong-joo deliberately withheld the information that this process will result in the human's death. Mi-ho and Dae-woong thus fall in love without knowing the consequences of fulfilling her goal: in 100 days, Dae-woong will die if Mi-ho becomes fully human, but Mi-ho will die if the bead isn't returned.

EPISODES: 16 (2010)

GENRE: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy


Park Dong-joo (No Min Woo)
I love No Min Woo and he is mainly the reason I wanted to watch this drama. In this drama he plays a very different role from what he usually plays but still has the soft and kind heart in every role. He's tall, rough around the edges but kind in the end. He wants to make Mi-Ho happy even if that means she wants to give up her life to spend her last day alive with the man she truly loves. This is upsetting and heartbreaking for Dong-joo but he's just that kind of guy. He looks masculine in this drama and sexy. No Min Woo can't play a bad guy because in the end he'll always be good.

Cameo Appearances:

Park Shin-Hye and Lee Hong Ki
Both of these beautiful actors who are in my top favorites especially Park Shin-Hye who is #1 for me. I got excited when I saw them and I didn't expect Lee Hong Ki, he just popped up in the last episode like "HEY"!!!


Everyone that has watched this drama or has heard of the storyline would say that it has an interesting plot. Just the word "Gumiho" in the title caught my attention. I'm not gonna lie, at first I didn't think about watching this drama because it's fantasy and I'm not into that kind of stuff but I liked it. The thought of a Nine-Tailed Fox who just wants to become human is different. She falls for a human and thus the name of the show comes into play the human has a Gumiho girlfriend. He is annoyed and scared of her at first but after about 3 episodes later, he gets used to her and warms up to her. Slowly he develops feelings toward her. He even thinks about risking his life for her and wouldn't even do that for anyone else but his love is strong for Mi-Ho and it's so sweet that it's touching. This drama has a lot of comedic value and romance.
My favorite and interesting facts that Mi-Ho told us was that she is scared of the rain because she was made out of goblin fire and when she cries it rains. So when a Gumiho cries, it will rain...
Eun Hye-in (Park Su-jin)
This girl is down right evil, I couldn't stand her. I understand she likes Dae-Woong but she doesn't tell him and acts like she's dating him. She knows that Mi-Ho is a supernatural creature and takes advantage of that but she is still scared of Mi-Ho and calls her a "Monster". Hye-in knows that if someone tries anything like kissing or mating with Dae-Woong, then it harms the fox bead and Mi-Ho. So, she kisses Dae-Woong. I really wanted to smack her character so hard. XD
This scene... X _ X
I couldn't stop my tearing at this scene, it will make you cry so prepare the tissue box unless you have no soul and don't cry from shows.
There is a video, so if you don't want spoilers. Don't watch it unless you've watched the drama.


I loved this scene so much, I kept replaying it. Dae-Woong's friends are trying to figure out what is so unimaginable that is going on with these three people in particular and it just gets ridiculous.


Dae-Woong and Mi-Ho
This couple had great chemistry. I loved how sweet, comedic and adorable they are together. They are so cute and you can so the sorrow they feel for each other when they aren't by one another. The sadness overflows and you feel for them and their tragic love. They even got couple rings!!!

Favorite Kiss Scene:

Take The Fox Bead Kiss!
I loved this kiss because they finally fessed up and confessed that they love each other. They decide to take the bead out of Dae-Woong and he gives half of his life to Mi-Ho. They don't know what will happen after they do it but they take the chance. Dae-Woong kisses Mi-Ho with a tear falling down his cheek and the kiss is really passionate and sweet. Dong-joo is in the back looking helpless and sad.


"Losing My Mind" by Lee Seung Gi
I like the upbeat tempo and techno voice. It's a fun song to listen to.
"Trap" by No Min Woo
I love this song's techno beat and I love No Min Woo's voice. It played whenever he came on the screen.
"Sha La La" by Shin Min Ah
This song's a little too slow for my taste but it's a swaying kind of song.
"Fox Rain" by Lee Sun Hee
This is my favorite OST from this drama, I love the build up at the end of the song and I cant help but sing the song when it played throughout the show even if I was crying.
BTW the three main character all sang at least one OST.


I absolutely loved this drama a lot. They chose amazing actors and actresses for each role. I loved the plot elements and the build up. The comedy was spot on, even with Dae-Woong's Aunt and boss. That couple was hilarious. XD The romance was really cute and heartfelt. It left you wanting more of the couple. Some scenes will tug at your heart and will make you cry. Side characters were unique and different. Sometimes, Mi-Ho's tails caught me off guard cuz they didn't look real. Lastly, the ending didn't leave me with un-answered questions and I knew what was going on. Everyone had a happy ending and a cute ending that will make you smile. >_<


9/10 - It was nearly perfect, I don't know what it is that's missing but I feel like there is something missing...
I really recommend if you like either romantic comedies or fantasy because it's great.

@biancadanica98 hahaha..yes he is pretty good too..Shut Up Flower Boy Band was the first drama I saw him in! I remember being blown away when the band leader was taken out like in the first or second episode! Loved that drama! I downloaded "Jay walking " and still listen to it all the time🎶
One of my all time favorites!! I would binge watch this when ever I got a really lazy day! lol😊 There are a few on my rotation that I would do that with! I know, but what a great way to be a couch potato😂
i laughed i cried throughout... this one was an emotional roller coaster... 5 stars
@SarahVanDorn Yes I did catch that when she called him Jeremy, I was like "Oh just like from You're Beautiful" @RosePark Thanks!
no min woo is my favorite from the drama! also did you catch Lee HongkiS name in the drama it was Jeremy lol I love it
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