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Genre: Angst, Spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warning: swearing and scenes of intimacy
You sped down the multiple corridors trying to remember which direction Yoongi headed in before you went into your dad's office. Finally! You rushed past him and stood directly in front of his tracks, causing him to stop dead in front of you. "What the hell? Is that the bloody good news? That you and I are co-leaders!" He smirked, "of course it is, it means I get to spend more time with you" His tone was anything but sincere. You grabbed him by the collar which lowered him down to your height, "look brat, I don't know what you're playing at but I swear if you pull anything funny on this mission then I will kill you with my bare hands" You let go of his collar and shoved him backwards, he only stumbled slightly. "I wouldn't make promises you can't commit to sweetie!" That smirk was back. What was it about him that wanted to do this to you? He annoyed you and seemed to take pleasure out of it. How could someone be so disrespectful?
After that brief but brutal encounter with Gigi, you and Jungkook were packing up backpacks. Both of yours contained personal belongings that may be necessary on the mission. Who knew where you'd stay but you definitely weren't going to be back at base for a while. You were given a brief information sheet about the rival organisation's leader, Woozi. He looked vaguely familiar but you weren't sure why, you'd never even met the guy. Yet, now you knew who you needed to take out if the worst happened.
All packed, you headed to see the rest of your team. They all had brave faces on but it was obvious that Jackson was tired out of his mind and the rest weren't far behind him. You caught sight of Yoongi across the hall and walked over to him. "So leader Gigi, have you planned where our team are going to stay over the next few nights?" He nodded, "there's a newly abandoned flat about a 5, 10 minute walk from Woozi's supposed base" At least he had bothered to find your team accommodation, you expected him to forget but at the end of the day that's why he's the favourite. "I assume you read the info about this Woozi?" "Nah, I don't need to" "Why?" "Already know of the guy so why bother reading some stupid sheet" Great. Golden boy just offended your father's research, you bet that he was thankful that your dad wasn't around to hear that. Your team set off shortly after. You hopped into one of the two coloured vans you had been assigned. Unfortunately, you were stuck in the passenger seat with Yoongi driving. Jungkook and Amber may have been in the back but you still felt as if you were the only two there. It was weird.
Yoongi's perspective~ He was driving with Y/N next to him. Great. He needed to concentrate on the road. Why couldn't she just sit on the back or something? Ugh, he sighed. "Something wrong?" She asked sarcastically. He shook his head. "Start the bloody car then!" He turned the keys and started to drive to the destination. He could vaguely remember where he was going and soon enough they arrived there. Well soon enough lasted about an hour. It was surprising that it would be Woozi I mean it had been over 3 years since he last heard from the guy. So, if he encountered him in his travels, he was sure that it would turn out to be quite a tense meeting. One of them was bound to punch the other.
Your perspective~ The first day was designated to travelling but you still wanted to snoop around the base even though you had been told not to. You all claimed rooms on the 'abandoned' flat. Unlike what it had been previously described as, the flat looked as if someone had lived in it. It wasn't really a typical abandoned place. You got into your room, placed your stuff down and soon enough you could hear the others snoring and heavy breathing. It was 11:05pm. You tried to creep towards the door to get out when a groany voice stopped you. "And where do you think you're going?" You turned to face a wide awake Yoongi. It suddenly occurred to you that he was designated as your protector. You sighed, something told you that your father mentioned to him about you trying to disobey orders on the first night. "Out for some air!" You lied. "At this time?" You nodded. "Well I'll come with you!" What have you gotten yourself into? "No, no." You started, "if you think that just because it's late that-" "Who ever said a thing like that, I want some air myself if you don't mind"
You sighed as you opened the door and led the way outside with Yoongi following behind you. Once you reached outside, the cold air hit you causing you to shiver. "Maybe your idea wasn't as good as you thought it was" he teased. You swore under your breath, there was no way that you were going to be intimidated by little Gigi. "So, you shouldn't have agreed if you're meant to be my protector" He laughed to himself, "yeah I doubt you really need protecting" You briefly faked a smile in his direction. The street was empty but it wasn't a surprise really. A few street lights were on but the one above you seemed to be on the blink. "How do you know Woozi?" You suddenly blurted out. There was a brief silence as he seemed to take in your sudden question. "He... Ur.. I know him when I was younger. I came into contact with them on many occasions!" There was something more you could tell, maybe you'd ask him another time. A screeching sound interrupted your train of thought. It was a black Land Rover going at about 60 Mph. The tyres were skidding on the road. The car headed in your direction and it wasn't clear that there was something wrong until you heard shots and fell to the ground in pain. Great. First day and you'd already been shot.
Oh my god what!!!! what!!!WHAT!!!!! don't leave me hanging like that!!! please tag me in the rest
AMAZING! I can't wait for the next chapter!
Yes not only Yoongi and Woozi but Jackson AND Amber!
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