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so I recently started letting my hair grow out, but I've had plenty of good.. and bad haircuts...so what's your worst or best haircut story?? my worst haircut was 3 months ago when the barber I have been using for 25 1/2 years decided I would look fantastic with uneven hair up front bald in the back and a semi bald spot in the middle... worst haircut ever..my wife fortunately was able to make it look decent enough by buzz cutting me
lol OK so your like state farm??
@HandsomeBacon 90s beauty and fashion is in right now. You're in good hands :D
never did color it though
lol I've been on the full spectrum from semibald to now I look like a 90's punk rocker
@Handsomebacon it wasn't bad. I mean I had a lot of fun looking through old pictures of all the hairstyles I once tried.
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