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Genre: Angst Pairing: There ain’t no pairing just yet (but it’s with all the Maknae line) Warning: (M) Length: 3428 words Summary: “No strings attached”- that’s the rule I followed. Until it came to bite me in the ass. Part: 3/? I woke up to the blissfully peaceful silence- something I was slowly getting used to. If I knew how calming mornings were when one lived alone, I would have been single a long time ago. I checked my phone and groaned quietly, despite the smile on my face. I had a text from Taehyung. ‘It’s been too long :( Can we meet for lunch then go to mine after? x’ He had texted me at three in the morning, so I’m guessing he had a lot on his mind. He knew where I liked to eat, so I didn’t have to clarify. ‘Sure babe. See you at 1. You’re paying.’ I pressed send, the grin still on my face. Taehyung, my Mr Sad. Poor guy was stuck in a rut and couldn’t get over his ex. Of course, I sympathised, but it had been two months. Now, I’m not saying heartbreak has a set time to die down, but he was borderline depressed, and it was affecting his life. I acted as an equilibrium, to balance out everything that had gone to shit. I made him forget, and he was grateful. He used to text me once a week after the breakup- never before, because he wasn’t the type to cheat. No, he wouldn’t pull a Jungkook on his girl. But, bad things always happen to good people. She ended up fucking one of his friends in his bed and he had walked in on the act. It had left him...scarred, for want of a better word. But now he texted me once every couple of days, asking me to come round. There was one major thing that differentiated me and Taehyung. He wanted to go out and meet someone knew, to try and get his life back together. He was too damn dependant, too trusting. He hadn’t come to the same realisation as me that everyone was an asshole. Everyone had potential to screw you over in a big way. Your partner, your friend. Your parents. Your neighbour. Anyone and everyone. The quicker he realised this the better. I didn’t meet with any of the others to meet, only Taehyung. I was worried that if I went out to eat with Jimin, and we bumped into his parents, god forbid, that they would thing I was his wife-to-be. And I never went in public with Jungkook because his bat-shit crazy girlfriend was more than enough to keep me the hell away. Taehyung was a safe zone. I could be a friend to him, talk to him. And that was OK. So, maybe once a week, we’d go out and get a bite to eat. He didn’t really know about my past, because we met to talk about him, so I would say I knew him the best out of the three boys. I rolled out of bed to shower. It was a hot day, so I opted for a summer dress. It was the only one I owned because I hated dresses. But today I wasn’t in the mood to give a fuck. It was the only dress I owned - the only part of Yoongi I had kept. He had gifted me the dress, and I had never worn it. I smirked as I evaluated myself in the mirror, feeling legitimate satisfaction that that bastard hadn’t got to see me in it, despite always urging me to wear it. It was surprisingly comfortable, I noted as I went to get a small side bag to shove in all the essentials. Keys, phone. Chapstick. Tissues in case Taehyung decided to cry on me. His breakdowns were definitely less frequent, but I never knew with him. It was so strange. I was a broken human being, trying to fix another broken human being. And according to him, I was doing a good job. He always praised me and thanked me for making him feel better, and a little more in control. I left my place at ten to one, even though the cafe was five minutes away. Taehyung had this habit of getting to places early, and I had picked up on it. My eyes narrowed instinctively as a couple walked past hand in hand. I sound like a miserable old sod. But really, these lovey-dovey acts of affection made me feel ill. Whenever I witnessed this shit in public I grimaced. Most of the time, the ‘couple’ would just be putting on a damn show for the public, when behind doors we all know the bitch was screaming her head off at him. And he was shouting right back. Young love in a nutshell. “Ah y/n, you came early! Come come come.” I smiled at him as he greeted me outside with a hug. With a smile like that, one would never be able to pick up on his actual feelings. “You look so pretty today”, he beamed. “Change the last word in that sentence to ‘everyday’ and you 100% have my agreement”, I replied. That was my way of saying ‘thank you’. I wasn’t the type of person to give or receive compliments, which by now must be apparent. He held the door open for me and I walked in, eyes adjusting to the sudden dullness, seeing as we had just been standing out in the sun. Taehyung took my hand and walked over to the counter, eyeing the displays of food. I always thought those displays were the most misleading godamn thing on this planet. The burgers looked so amazing, but when you got one in real life... I had never felt real disappointment until I ordered a burger from here. Con artists. Taehyung put an arm around my shoulder as we stood in line to order. I leaned into him, knowing he craved the cute couple act. There was an elderly man in front as he was taking his time deciding what he wanted. I sighed impatiently, looking around to decide where we could sit. And that’s when I saw him. Jaw clenched, eyes dark. Trying to naturally flit his gaze between the unsuspecting girlfriend and me. Jungkook. He vaguely nodded at something she said and turned straight back to me. Her back was to me, so I took the opportunity of the brief eye contact and winked. Taehyung knew him in passing, so when I silently laughed and whispered “Jungkook’s here with his girl”, he smiled, clearly finding it as amusing as I did. At first, when I explained Jungkook’s situation to him, he had stared at me in horror, asking how I could advocate this type of behaviour. He was all sympathetic towards the girlfriend, preaching about how cheating was a terrible thing and that Jungkook would ruin her life. But now he knew the ‘behind the scenes’ of this dysfunctional relationship, and it was funny. I was actually surprised that the two of them had lasted a whole night without arguing. Finally, the old man moved out of the damn way. Taehyung glanced at me. “The usual, yeah?” My reply was short, because I was still laughing at Jungkook. “Of course.” We sat down once we ordered, knowing the food would be bought over. The cafe was so short staffed, you had to wait in line to order. But most of the time it was practically empty, so that wasn’t an issue. Taehyung sat opposite me, his back to Jungkook’s death stare- which meant I could see him clearly. “Don’t you ever mind? Seeing him with someone else? Or any of us with someone else?” I shrugged. “Jimin asks me the same thing. Why would I mind? None of you are ‘mine’ per se. You being with someone else doesn’t affect my life in any way. If anything, it would only complicate your own.” He nodded slowly, taking in my words. “But when you’re with a bitch like that”, I nodded my head in their direction, keeping my voice down. “It’s mildly entertaining for me.” Taehyung snorted. “Sadistic much.” “It’s called having a sense of humour. I admit, it’s a dark one, but a sense of humour nonetheless. Now”, I wanted to change the subject, becsuae the looks Jungkook was giving me, I was sure he could hear us. “You wanna tell me why the hell you were up at 3 am?” His face fell slightly. “I couldn’t sleep y/n. At around 1 am, she drunk texted me saying she missed me and she wanted me back. Oh, and something about buying me a birthday present but not having the courage to give it to me.” I cocked an eyebrow, “Right off the bat, why the hell is her number still on your phone? And secondly, give me your phone and I’ll tell her where she can shove her bloody present.” The second I stopped talking, I heard an irritating female voice, the sound coming from Jungkook table. She was trying to whisper but failed miserably- I bet even that old man who was now sat at the opposite end of the cafe heard her. “Wow...that girl is so rude.” I bit back a smile as Jungkook’s knuckles whitened around his mug as he forced himself to nod in agreement. Taehyung had heard her voice too. He was already laughing at my comment about the present, but when I added, “Wow...that girl needs to mind her god damn business”, he lost it. I smirked as I saw the tops of her ears go red in embarrassment. Our food arrived shortly after, thank god. We were sat near the window, directly in the sun, so I shrugged my cardigan off, mindful of the sweltering heat. We actually finished eating before the happy couple, despite the fact that they were there before us. Whilst we chatted away, content in the moment, I couldn’t help but notice that all the girl had been doing was scroll through her phone, and all Jungkook had been doing was stare at us. Taehyung got up first, leaving a tip and I grabbed my cardigan and followed. Before we left, he whispered in my ear, “I hope I get a little present for that meal.” I laughed at the neediness in his voice, grabbing his neck and pulling him in for a kiss. “Don’t worry”, I smirked against his lips. “It’ll be miles better than any present that bitch had bought you.” He laughed lightly as the two of us left. He always loved it when I slagged off his ex, because he could never do it himself. So hearing me say it for him was the next best option. I could feel Jungkook’s eyes burning into me as we left, but I didn’t waste the energy of turning back to look. Why should I? He had chosen this relationship willingly. He always let her back in. That was his own doing. So he had no sympathy whatsoever from me. “Let’s go to mine Tae, I live closer”, I ordered as we walked hand in hand. I usually went to the boys houses, because it allowed me to leave straight after, but I was feeling lazy today. He glanced at me, squinting because of the sun, but simply replied, “OK.” I felt bad for him, although I would never say it to his face. Everytime he tried to get his shit together, that bitch would contact him, making him lose control once more. She was pathetic. I remember him telling me about the time that she showed up to his house at ungodly hours of the morning, drunk out of her head. She had forgot they had broken and thought she was just coming home to him like every other night. I had pretended to target my frustration about the whole ordeal at Taehyung, telling him off for letting her in, but he argued that he had nowhere to go. It was the first time he had actually got angry at me and called me heartless. I had walked out, stating that if that slut contacted him, he shouldn’t bother running back to me because I would ignore him. Of course he had texted me an apology the next day because once the bitch was sober they had argues again. Absolutely toxic. As soon as we got in, Taehyung kicked the door shut, pressing his lips against mine. “So eager”, I mumbled against his lips, amused. He didn’t respond verbally, just cupped my jaw, thumb resting on my cheek. I carelessly tossed my cardigan and bag to the side, deepening the kiss. Sometimes with Taehyung, it didn’t feel like he wanted a quick fuck. It seemed like he wanted to take his time, make it last. It actually felt like he wanted to show me love. I would always have to urge him to hurry things up, because I’d be in the moment, but he would spontaneously decide he wanted to become a god damn snail and go like the slowest thing on the planet. I remember he once mumbled in his blissful, fucked-out state, “If I ever get another girlfriend, I’ll miss this.” It actually made me proud to know him, to know that he wouldn’t keep seeing me if he found someone else. I had no qualms either way to be honest, but as someone who had been cheated on herself, knowing a mindset like Taehyung’s existed, did wonders to make me feel better. He rested his free hand on my waist as I pulled him closer, allowing more body to body contact. Without warning he lifted me up, not breaking the kiss and carried me effortlessly up the stairs. As he placed me down, I broke away to take a breath, throwing my head back as if that would increase the volume of oxygen going into my needy lungs. Taehyung took that opportunity to attack my neck with his mouth. I pushed him back with enough force for him to land on his bed, smirking at his surprised expression before straddling him. Again he pulled me in for a fervent kiss, as I started to roll my hips against his. He moaned at the sensation, biting down on my swollen lip, opening his eyes to reveal the dark, dilated orbs. “Y/n...”, he breathed. I smiled, leaning in. “That’s the name”, I whispered. “What do you want?” He groaned in frustration at the fact that I was making me say it. “You know what I want.” I shook my head with a confused pout. “Enlighten me.” He huffed as I kissed his neck lightly. “I want you to fuck me.” I pulled away to look at him, one eyebrow raised. “...Please”, he added meekly and I laughed. “There we go! That wasn’t so hard.” I got up and shimmied out of the dress, and took off his shirt. He removed the jeans himself- I’d never seen him move so quick. Usually Taehyung was the dominant one, but on the days his ex reminded him of her good for nothing existence, I was the one who took control. Even so, it was him who reached over to unclasp my bra, to kiss and suck at the newly exposed skin. I threw my head back in pleasure, letting him do as he pleased, before I remembered why he was here. “Nuh-uh babe. Today is all about you.” I pushed him gently by the shoulders, to get him to stop. “Get on the bed”, I said. He discarded his boxers and did as I asked. I watched him through hooded eyes, turned on by the way he stared so intensely. “Oh god, stop looking at me like that”, I groaned as I rid myself of the last item of clothing and walked towards him. “And why not? You’re beautiful. I’m so lucky.” I rolled my eyes at his words. Flattery never went a long way with me. And he knew he wasn’t lucky. He could have found a girl and settled down to forget about his ex and move on. But instead, he found solace in me. A doubting, heartless pessimist. I threw one leg over and hovered above Taehyung’s body, my eyes never leaving his. Without warning, I slid down onto him slowly, both of us exhaling low moans at the sensation. He leaned forward and pulled me down to meet him halfway, pressing his lips against mine. I loved his long, languid kisses. I pushed him back down, and he watched me, his face contorted in pleasure as I moved up and down His grunts alone where enough for me to almost reach my climax. “Y/n”, he repeated over and over. “You look so good like this”, he panted, making me feel even more aroused, if that was possible. I chanted curses softly as I got closer and closer to my release. I could feel that familiar tightening in my stomach. “So fucking tight”, was the last thing I heard before I could no longer hold it off. I halted my movements, briefly, but Taehyung took his hands out from behind his head and firmly planted them on my hips. His voice was hoarse. “No babygirl don’t stop yet! Keep going.” The overstimulation was too much as he aided my movements with his hand.. Without warning, he flipped us over and started drilling into me, trying to reach his release. I cried out his name, but didn’t stop him. “Look at me”, he growled between thrusts. I forced my eyes to open, biting my lip from the pain. That was enough for him to come undone. He pulled out and hovered over me, supporting his body weight using his arms. I pushed his hair back out of his eyes, revealing his forehead. He smiled almost lovingly at me. “Thank you.” I was still trying to catch my breath, but managed to get out a brief “anytime.” He knew the drill, so reluctantly got up to get dressed. I lazily stayed on the bed, a sheet pulled over me, watching him. I wasn’t one to offer life advice, but I knew how to get over people. “Taehyung. Delete her number”, I murmured. “First step to forgetting. And when she texts you and you reply ‘Who’s this?”, even her thick brain will get the hint. And so what if she gets wasted? You don’t wanna leave her out in the cold, take her home. Don’t let her spend the night at yours.” He was now fully clothed, nodding at everything I was saying. “Ok. Can I ask something?” I nodded, my eyes closed but still listening to his voice. “You once mentioned an ex-boyfriend in passing...did you delete his number?” My eyes shot open and I frowned. I didn’t even remember bringing up Yoongi in front of Taehyung. He saw my confused expression and elaborated, “You were slightly drunk.” I nodded slowly. “Yes”, I lied. “And look. I’m over him. Like magic. So do it.” He gave me his signature grin. “I should go. Shift starts in an hour.” I waved. “Have fun.” And with that he was gone. I closed my eyes once more. I wasn’t sleep, just thinking. I must have been the worlds biggest hypocrite. Always offering advice I never actually followed myself. I don’t know why I still had that bastards number saved. One day I would delete it. One day. If Taehyung could do it, so could I. I groaned as I forced myself out of bed, getting dressed. I would shower later. Downstairs, I locked the front door and went through my bag to retrieve my phone. My eyes narrowed at the notifications. A text and three missed calls from Jungkook. Jungkook never called me, so had he fought again with his ‘Princess’? Who knew. My eyes narrowed further when I red the text. From Jungkook: My house. Now. He’d sent it five minutes ago. I called him back, wondering what he hell his deal was. “Y/n. Are you on your way?” No ‘hi’ or ‘hello’, straight in. “No, I only just got your text. You know I need to be told in good time.” “Are you busy right now?” he snapped through gritted teeth. I tightened the grip on my phone, not at all liking his tone of voice. “Well, no but-” “-Then I’ll see you soon.” And with that he ended the call. Any other girl would ignore him and not go. But I wasn’t any other girl. I would go. To teach his rude ass a lesson.
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Wow rude! I would have been like, "bishhh go suck your gf's toes!" hehe!😜 Funny how it seems that she's at their beck and call. Girl take control of your booty calls! Your terms remember, your ground rules! *thows whip* Now go take care of your bad boys!😉
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