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My PhraseBook

This is where all of my self-invented Phrases (the ones with meaning) are collected. If you didn't understand what the hell I was talking about with that phrase (I usually write them in Bold), you can look it up here (or I'll link that post).
1. Editing photos of other people - a job or a waste of time. Usually the latter. Originated from my time being a (crappy) photo editor on PicsArt. 2. Tour on Google Search's 3rd Page - most of people don't (and won't) go to 2nd search page, what to say about 3rd page. You must be really desperate to seek an answer if you're going that deep. 3. Covered in pink flowers and smells like roses - radiating kindness to a 10km radius. 4. Kindest beings on the internet - people who never existed. If you're really (and I mean really) kind for everyone, then either you are new to the internet, or you are a holy being, which isn't true. 5. Paradise Social Network - a place where everyone is kind to each other, don't steal content, don't swear, etc. (Vingle is often portrayed as one of those, but whenever it's true or not is yet to be known). 6. Russian Roulette With 6 Bullets - a game where every player loses no matter what.