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I grew up on classic rock, AC/DC, Boston, Aerosmith, Tesla, E.L.O., Etc. which lead into Hard Rock, Korn, Stone Sour, biskit etc... has continued to evolve over the years... over for the last few years I've really been in to good E.D.M/ Dub Step...I know I know.. kinda one extreme to the other. I've been getting down on Bassnectar all morning "Mix Tape 13" and some Kascade, I could go on and on but I want to know what ya'll are in to? I'd like to learn about some more and new interesting music.
....I wish I would tell you but you guys might either laugh or probably judge(it happens every time in real life with my friends so I just don't tell them from time to time...)
@SimplyAwkward orange caramel just caused me to bleed from my nose! ouchy! also neat music, not something I'd listen to alot but it's good.
@SimplyAwkward YES! that's freaking awesome.
@alucard9768 I've listened to gimme chocolate by baby metal in a class once and my teacher was in awe and a few around me was jamming to it
@alucard9768 google orange caramel
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