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So i was scrolling on my instagram when i came across this
This makes me more than angry, this makes me disgusted. If they were real fans they would've never done this
They attacked them. Those so called fans need to back the fuck up and let them live they're lives!!. They are human beings just like everyone else and should be treated like human beings. Those types of fans shouldn't even DARE call themselves an ARMY
if they were true ARMY's they would've 1) Left them alone or 2) Politley go and talk to them NOT ACT LIKE BEAST.
What's you're perspective of this incident. Comment below
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@aliahwhbmida yes I agree with you
Imma about to go to Sweden and slap the shit out of them.
They ripped Jin's pink shirt?! I want to kill them. That pisses my off to no end! That is totally rude! Those "fans" should be put in a cage or something. BTS doesn't deserve that at all. They've worked way to hard to get this much disrespect. It still makes me mad that the fans complained so much about BTS going to Kcon in New York that they practically made them go to the one on LA that's not fair either. They need a break. They try to have a nice vacation and poor Taehyung was almost scared to death what the hell is wrong with those girls?! AND Yoongi had to speak in English he might barely know English and he told them to stop because they obviously don't understand what privacy is and how to respect it. Hell if I saw those girls chase them I would slap them and drag them away! I just hope BTS will understand that not all of us are like this. I just want to give them a hug.
That is disgraceful! Their mommas need to slap some sense into them!
This is a perfect example of sasaeng fans! Crazy people 馃槕