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Hey guys! So today I was feeling really creative and I decided to make some DIY K-pop posters!
I've decided to use my floral paper that I bought at Hobby Lobby, and thank God it was half off!
I did my very first loves SHINee ❤❤ I've printed off some pictures and their logo and I thought this floral print fitted well
(SORRY ITS SIDEWAYS) Next I did my second bias group VIXX!!!
My third bias group I did third was BTS!!! Sorry if you can still see the glue it was still drying lol
Then I did a bias poster of all three of my biases from each group Minho from SHINee Ravi from VIXX J-Hope from BTS
If you feel inspired to do something like this I recommend using a glue stick! I only had regular glue and mod podge and it left the photos with bumps and stuff. (it's not that bad but if that bothers you don't use regular glue or mod podge)
cute can you make one for Monsta X
That looks like fun. I could just make a scrapbook of all my baes and boos
Don't forget Hobby Lobby also has that 40% coupon that you can use once a day.
@SerenaArthurs Great idea! @otakukpoper I don't either so I went to the library lol
I would do this but I don't have a printer😰
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