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Some GOT7 fanarts ramdoms lol

JB and his Evil Tweens.. that fan art is adorable to its owne
the difference between Umma and Appa.... this is the price of having Tweens double the trouble, double the annoyance, double the shit you have to take.. hahahaha

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Now this is Jackson helping YoungJae strech.. Lmaooo! watch to this too funny. . I have a dirty mind so my mind flew to someone else hahaah..

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some more fan art credit to their owners. .

Markson far art credit to their owners

to cute
Why can't Jackson stretch me like that. We don't have to wear any clothes. oops did I say that out loud sorry have a dirty mind lol
omg! @luna1171 ikr ahhh so cute!!
@DeniseiaGardner lmaooo yep you did.. and WE all want that too.. lucky YoungJae lol..he is too funny..
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