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This really upsets me. What is wrong with some of bts fans?! Seriously they were on vacation and they got chased down by fans! They practically attacked Jungkook and Jin! They ripped their shirts! Namjoon was changing and some fans followed him to where he was changing at. Some fans have no respect for idols. They are humans too. Leave them alone when they go on vacation. This is getting out of control. This isn't towards all of bts fans. So sorry if I made any of you upset. @cagonzales9696 @destiny98 @lilbr0wneyes @BBxGD @ARMYStarlight @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTop @AimeeH @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @sharayahTodd @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @amobigbang @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak
PREACH! BE mature. You wouldn't like it if people were harassing you every time you went out in public. some people make you embarrassed for them and their deplorable behavior...smfh
preach it! I'm always so shocked and sad when I hear fans do this to idols, they also need privacy and want to relax without worrying about some saesangs coming at them.