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Okay so I was thinking about writing a fanfic based off of a theory of monsta x's all in I read and I'd like to know what you think of it. Please let me know if you do like it. ••••PLEASE DON'T STEAL••• Here's what I have so far- Chapter 1: Bodies everywhere dropped like dominos before their eyes. Men in armored suits ambushed the innocent people. They didn't want it to be like this. They couldn't prevent it either. They grew up in this town that once was peaceful, until the economy fell apart. They didn't want to be in a place like this. They need to get out. - Shownu hears gun shots through the thin walls. It was like any other day. Shots heard, bodies dropping onto the cold stone floor. Every gun fire made Shownu wince. He wouldn't want to witness having a gun aimed at his head nor having one aimed at his friends. He cares about people who are close to him too much. It would damage him if anything happened to them. Even his father. Shownu especially would take revenge for his father since his mother was a victim of being on the other side of that aimed gun. He misses her dearly. The only memory he has is the locket he found on her dead body. He carries it with him everywhere. He opens it up often to find two pictures: one with her husband and her hugging while joyfully laughing, the other was a close up picture of his mother and her bright smile. It cheers him up to see her beautiful smile. His mother said the picture was taken when she was pregnant with Shownu. It feels like it was the perfect memory his mother wanted to hold onto. Shownu wants to know what this place used to be like before he was born. From what his father said it was so peaceful that you could gaze at the flowers and not be terrified of a single click of a gun. You could even have peaceful conversations with no war or killing included. Shownu would want it that way, but he didn't even know how this small town turned out this way. He probably will never know. Shownu heard more gun shots than normal, but then there was a pause and a loud boom. The ground shook a little. Gaining balance, Shownu heard the 'booming' noise coming closer. He quickly checked on his father, who was sleeping, then rushed outside. Small chunks of dirt flew passed Shownu as he stepped outside. He heard yelling behind the other house across from his and decided to sneakily investigate. Thinking that his friends are rebels, they could've been up to the mischief ahead of him. They always get in trouble. Out of nowhere a person zoomed passed Shonwu, scaring the day lights out of him. It was only Minhyuk. Yep. They were up to no good. The boys ran up to Shownu. Jooheon breathes hard and yanks the pull ring of a grenade and chucks it at the group of soldiers. The soldiers quickly ran the opposite if the grenade and took cover. Shownu crosses his arms. "Hey, don't look at me like that. They started it. We were just trying to give them a piece of their own medicine." Jooheing breathes out. "By what blowing them up with grenades?" Shownu asked. "No. By blowing up their shit." Jooheon said. "We gotta go." The boys picked up a slight jog. "You think we out did it this time?" Kihyun shouts. Should I continue it?