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The loving, yet bulletproof boy band we all love had their vacation ruined! Fans of idol groups want a good reputation, but ARMYs in Sweden have now gotten a bad reputation? BTS might not even want to have a single concert in Sweden because of their safety and privacy. If you say you are a TRUE ARMY you would respect Bangtan's privacy and the safety of their health. Our boys have been through a lot. They want to rest after concerts, meetings, practices, performances, and promoting their special album 'Young Forever'. Please other ARMYs of other countries and even all k-pop fans realize that idols are HUMANS just like us. They want privacy in their life and they want to stay healthy and safe. They want to be able to go places to vacation or attend (concerts, fanmeetings, etc.) Idols do NOT want to constantly worry about their safety and privacy! Learn from this incident and learn well that BTS AND ALL OTHER K-POP GROUPS DO NOT WANT TO YELL AT THEIR FANS OR RUN AWAY FROM THEIR FANS BECAUSE OF THE CONCERN OF THEIR PRIVACY!

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WTF?! 馃槨 It's these kind of fans give all fans a bad rep. Not all of us are like that. Geez crazy psycho fans give them some privacy and LEAVE THEM ALONE! Don't get me wrong. If by some divine chance I get to come across any idol that I love, I would just smile, say hi, nice to meet you, have a nice day/night, and go on my way. I wouldn't fangirl in front of them...that would attract attention. I would wait until the idol(s) are gone then fangirl! I would at least have that respect! I wouldn't go out of my way to go up to them. If I was across the street, I probably would take a picture then wait to post later and be happy with that...chasing them or looking in on them while they change clothes...come the fuck on!! Vultures! 馃槨馃槵
@LizaNightshade i agree so much yes!
Preach it!
I'm sorry...But I laughed so hard at the first one!! Like what the crap!?! Who runs after them?!? 馃槀馃槀 I'm sorry...This did make me mad, but I kept laughing...Oml I need help.... But this is a problem, stop doing y'all!!! BTS is just like any other person on the earth, maybe better than most, but still! Just because they make music, get a lot of money, and are famous, doesn't mean you have to do this stuff! I mean TAEHYUNG RAN AWAY!!! LIKE THIS IS BAD!! YOONGI ASKED IN ENGLISH FOR YOU IDIOTS TO MOTHERSUCKING STOP!!!! LIKE WTF!!!!!! AND THEN YOU GUYS WANT TO STALK NAMJOON GETTING DRESS (Ilaughedsohardatthatsorry)!!!!! OML!!!! THIS IS WHY I'M HAPPY TO BE AN INTERNET FAN!!!!! 馃槵馃槵馃槵