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Part 9 _ * _ * _ * I woke up to a warmth that I hadn't felt in a while and breath tickling the top of my head. Yawning I opened my sleepy eyes, turning over to turn my alarm off. I snuggled back in the mysterious warmth in my bed only to he a low mumbled of "No, not yet. I need more sleep..." My eyes snapped open as i jolted up from my bed to see Yoongi laying there rubbing his eyes as he slowly woke up from the sudden movement. "Oh my God. Oh my God." I chanted as i replayed the moments from last night in head until I calmed down, a smile spreading across my face. He really did stay. He cleared his throat snapping me back to reality. "You okay?" God his voice in the morning. "U-um yeah, you ready for school?" A lazy smile spread across his face as he closed his eyes. "Y/N," a laugh escaped his lips "We just woke up, you aren't even ready, how do you expect me to be?" he looked me up and down as if to make a point. "Right." I felt heat rise to my cheeks in embarrassment. "Well, you can change in the bathroom." I opened the door motioning for him to leave. "I need to get dressed so if you would..." I trailed off knowing he got the point as he hoped out of the bed and walked out of the room before I stopped for a second. "Thanks for last night." "No problem." _ * _ * _ * We walked into class together with all eyes watching in silence until his friends started howling. "Where were you last night, Yoongi?" "Yeah, we went to your house and you weren't there." "Then suddenly you come to school with Y/N!" "And you went on dates over the weekend." I just sighed while sliding into my seat and rolled my eyes as Yoongi calmed them down so rumors wouldn't spread. Not that I cared anymore though. "Yah, Yoongi!" I called stopping him from lecturing them even further. "Yeah?" "Let them think what ever they want. It's not our fault of they're all dumb enough to think so childish things." I smirked. Everyone in the class shut up while Taehyung stuck his tongue out at me and Yoongi before looking towards the front as the teacher came in. _ * _ * _ * "Ugh! School was so long!" I complained as i walked with Yoongi and his friends to the convienence store from over the weekend. "You chose to let Yoongi keep you up all night." Jeongguk teased. A blush crept to Yoongi's cheeks as he mumbled, "It's not like that." causing them to laugh as i just huffed. "You guys enjoy this too much. I can't wait 'til Alex comes back next week." "Ouch, do you not like our company?" Jimin pouted. "Nope, but she likes Yoongi's." Seokjin teased. We both blushed looking away from each other. "Look! They're both blushing!" Hoseok exclaimed poking my cheek. "Just get together already." Namjoon said as we walked into the store. "You're all lucky there's witnesses around or your bodies would never be found." "Oh no! We made her mad!" Taehyung snickered. "I wouldn't try her, she took down two thugs that had knives." Yoongi cut in. I smug grin found its way to my face as we dropped the topic. "Thanks." I mumbled in his ear. _ * _ * _ *
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Oh I just love this story I can't wait for the next update!!! please tag me in the rest.