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@DestinyAgnew I know right, I was hoping Naruto would get with Tenten, that way she would be a more valuable character to the story.
@Ronslegacy whhaaaaat?馃槀 i was thinking about Sakura instead tenten tbh lol馃槀馃槀馃槀
@DestinyAgnew Sakura is definitely a good catch, but I feel as though they would argue more so then get along. Tenten feels like should would be more of a compromiser.
@Ronslegacy yea but i dont really think they would argue that much like they would but not all the time...... maybe lol but i was so heartbroken when i heard he got hinata馃槶 i literally stoped watching Naruto bc of it. N yes ik it was xhildish of me to act that way but now im gonna start watching Naruto again cause i love Naruto so much i wanna see wat happened where i left off that is N I Miss seeing Naruto's cute face N Voice lol馃構