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please be a rumor please be a rumor
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Even if it turns out to be true i wish he sues them. People like that give international fans a bad name :(
crazy indeed
This is why people hate fan girls and fan boys. Could we chill for just a moment?
S A D ! REMEMBER THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS! I'm embarrassed for them. if BTS sees this, I APOLOGIZE FOR THE WAY THEY TREATED YOU! !!! we're not all like that. some of us can respect the fact that you deserve a break from being idols and always in front of cameras. Come to Texas. you can definitely just blend in and not be bothered. true fans will make sure you're not disturbed. true fans will protect and respect you and your privacy. NamJoon is my ultimate bias next to GD, and i would go to jail to protect them from being violated while they changed clothes. DEPLORABLE. YOU ACTED LIKE SAVAGES. you should be ashamed of yourselves.
what kind of humans would invade someone's privacy like that, famous or no, when dressing no one should worry about whether someone is taking a picture of them,