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His voice was so quiet you aren’t sure you heard him correctly. Did he just say ‘See you in our dreams’? Nah, he couldn’t have. There’s no way he had the same dream but if he did? Holy Hell. You decide to ask Wonsik about him on the way home.
“So what’s up with your friend Leo?”
He turns to you and he smiles, “Up with Leo? What kind of question is that?”
You shrug, “I don’t know he’s just so quiet, he hardly speaks at all and then his eyes; he always seems like he’s looking into your soul. Is he going to eat it?”
He laughs out loud, “Oh my God, that’s a new one! I have to tell him that!”
“What?!?! No you don’t!”
You grab him and turn him to you, “Wonsik, don’t you dare or I’ll never speak to you again.”
He looks at you with a smirk, “I’ll think about it. Honestly, that’s just the way he’s always been. He’s really shy, the kind that always thinks before he speaks you know? He used to scare Hyuk, he even almost left the group, he was so uncomfortable around Leo.”
“Hyuk? I can’t imagine him uncomfortable around anyone.”
He shrugs, “They just didn’t understand each other. I made them talk, they worked it out. Hyuk pesters him just as much as the rest of us now.”
“He seems like he’s extremely patient. Is he or is that an act?”
“No, he puts up with a lot, never saying anything. Why the sudden interest in him? Do you have a crush on our Leo?”
He gets in your face, making you stumble as you walk. You roll your eyes and push him away.
“I won’t say no, but I won’t say yes either. There’s just something strange about him. I even had the weirdest dream about him last night.”
As simple as that statement seemed to you, Wonsik grabs your wrist and turns you around. “Say that again.”
You look confused, “I had a dream about him last night”.
His eyes close, “Well that explains it.”
“Explains what? You’re acting really weird, did I say something wrong?”
He smiles and continues walking. “No sorry. Yeah, I agree, that’s really weird. What kind of dream was it?”
You lower your head, blushing; “I’d rather not say.”
He throws his head back, looking at the sky. He takes a deep breath and smiles over at you; “You should have dreamed of me.”
He waggles his eyebrow over at you, “I’ve known you longer.”
Now he’s acting like himself again, you laugh.
“I know right?!? I totally should have dreamed of you, but then that might have been really awkward.”
“No,” he shakes his head. “From what I’ve heard, it doesn’t work that way.”
You pull him to a stop, “What did you say?”
He backtracks quickly, “Just that I can’t see anything between us being awkward.”
He raises your hand to his lips, “We’re much too good of friends.”
That night your conversation with Wonsik is still playing through your head. Well, you’re thinking about him, maybe this time you’ll dream of him.
You wake up in the same white room, wearing the same white summer dress. You don’t have to turn around to know it’s the place from before. You look to your right and see Leo standing there, same white pants and vest. He smiles when he see’s you and walks over. Once more he pushes your hair behind your ear, and lets his hand trail down your cheek.
“I was afraid my comment frightened you off.”
“At the cafe, about seeing you here. I was afraid you were resisting sleep and not going to come.”
“I don’t understand, are you saying we're really here?”
He’s still stroking your face but nods, “Yes. It only works if we both are asleep though.”
“This seems hard to believe.”
“Can you not feel me?”
He lifts your hand to place it on his warm chest, his heart beating steadily beneath your fingers. His head lowers and his lips brush across yours. The heartbeat beneath your fingers increases.
“I know you can feel that, what you do to me.”
This conversation frightens you a little.
“Everyone’s heart rate increases when they’re kissed. It’s science.”
He shakes his head. “No. It's you. Only you can or will ever do this to me. You are the one.”
You pull away from him. You know you should be scared or at least a little freaked out by what he’s saying but somehow you aren’t.
He holds his hand out to you, “Come.”
Without hesitation or reason why, you put your hand in his and simply follow him.
#Reads* ... wait that's it? Eonni next installment please.. Leo all talkative and assertive and junk in dreamland I gotta have more of this ;p
((((/*0*;)/ what?! Alright you got me hooked, now anytime my notification goes off I'm going to be checking.(>△<)
Ohhhh wonsik knows about the dream thing and I think he wanted to be in her dreams
I'm hungry for more😱😱😱😍😍😍
Damn he invades your dreams! That's some straight inception shit going on! lol I'd be freaked out too! But hey, it might not be a bad thing, I could work with it! hehe!😉
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