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Hello vingle fam! Once again I'm here to shamlessly promote myself....
So it seems I've made a youtube video. It's just a short Jimin Fmv and its not the best thing you've ever seen but I'm still new at this. And trust me editing video Isn't as easy as it seems. Any way below is my video and i would like it verymuch if you would like, comment, and subscribe! ENJOY!
Once again Thank You!
I plan on making a Kcon vlog next!
I was expecting it to be their song not all that sexual Shit damn caught me off guard there
Nope, not ok
Not enough jibooty but I loved it nothing less
I'll be going to kcon too this year with a premium pass! I can't wait! Last years kcon was the best time of my life with just the P3 tickets. I'm probably gonna die with the premium 馃槄馃槀馃槅馃槃
@KDluvR1999 oh really? NY or LA? I'll be at NY. We got p2 because we are not the standing type lol.