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As Starlight's are well aware, today marks the 4th Debut Anniversary of our boys! ~Warning: Mushy Gushy Cheesiness Ahead! As well as excess emoji use. Tears may also ensue~ Where do I start with this......I'm so proud and happy of all that Vixx has accomplished! πŸ˜€ Shamefully I haven't been a Starlight since debut, but since I have become one I feel like I have been warmly welcomed into the fandom and Vixx has made me feel so connected with them! They have come so far and more than anything today I feel proud and glad to be a starlight.
I find it hard to believe it's only been 4 years since debut! ~ 😲~ In such a short amount of time we have been given so much! ~ πŸ˜‡~ Vixx has matured so much throughout this time and it's beautiful to listen to their music and be able to experience how much Vixx has matured and improved while still striving for the same goal. We have had many happy times with Vixx! ~πŸ˜„~ As well some down times ~😷~ , yet Vixx still allowed us to go through all of the ups and downs together with them! Although it's only 4 years it feels as though Vixx and Starlight's have both grown enough to fill 10 years of space. ~πŸ‘~
Clearly seen in their most recent release Vixx has only proved that they are not finished growing yet! ~πŸ€”~ Our boys still feel the same about themselves as they did at debut and still strive to become better with each album. ~πŸ˜„~ Vixx has grown more fans as time goes on and it seems that lately more and more people have started to recognize there talent. It makes this feel even better since Vixx has worked so very hard to get to where they are today! ~😭~
More than anything this experience has shown me that Vixx is a family ~❀️~ and Starlight's are more than happy to be along on this crazy ride with them. Although we can't know what's in store for the future, I trust that many good things will come to these boys. No words can describe how much they deserve it! ~πŸ‘Œ~ Still today Vixx is working extremely hard to show us there best image, and even through Starlight's many concerns and worries they have spoken comforting words and assured all of us. Even in light of yesterday's incident, Vixx is still going to continue on strongly as well as Starlight's in giving their support. I feel very gifted to be a Starlight and to be able to share this experience with so many wonderful and gifted people (Vixx and Starlight's included) ~😊~ . I wish Vixx the very best for their 4th Anniversary and look foreword for many more to come! ~😭 πŸ˜„~
So much love for these boys!! Congrats Vixx, and STβ˜†RLIGHTS for a wonderful 4 years πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ can't wait for another DECADE!!
words can not express how thankful I am towards them and how much I love them! 😭😭