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Happy Birthday Katieloidlei! [A Philippines Inspired Birthday Card]
[Photographers & Sources listed below] Happy birthday sis! I miss you a lot. I'll email you really soon! I know you got the best gift you can get on your birthday and I'm so happy for you! Please wish our V-sister a great birthday! @cheerfulcallie @neaa @relinashinee @shoenami @blairwitme @oj1992 Niko Lazo - "The Tale of the Sampaloc Lake" [http://500px.com/photo/5081679] Dacel Andes - "Dividing Colors II" [http://500px.com/photo/28468313] Eric Beltran - "Magnificent Cone" [http://500px.com/photo/31617935] JM Donaire - "Slowmo" [http://500px.com/photo/36547462]
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