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So i haven't had my hair trimmed for about a year now, and it's the healthiest, softest, and shiniest it's ever been. All i do is once a week, put coconut oil on my hair, and leave it in for about 30 minutes. I clip my hair up and wear a shower cap to keep the coconut oil from getting all over my clothes, then i rinse it out with warm water, then wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner like normal. Then I rinse my hair with cold water because cold water makes my hair shinier. Coconut oil is so great for a hair mask it doesn't get rid of split ends, but it does prevent them and makes your hair way healthier overall.
Nice! My hair has been suffering with dry ends, so I might give this a try after getting some coconut oil. Is there a specific brand you're using?
Great idea :) I hate getting my hair cut, just because I like it long & this seems like abetter way to freshen up the ends!