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Hello everyone! Thank you for sticking close to my drawings this week! Like I said on Murasakibara's drawing yesterday, I will be taking a bit of a hiatus. (By the way please like my last post oh my god it got so little likes *sobs*) I will get started on the 8th drawing today. Not sure when I will finish it but I will tag the person whose character I chose. How awesome would it be. to have a Sports Anime Community? I wish. I would definitely be online more if Vingle had one (that I could admin) *cough cough* So here is the last character. Kuroko no Basuke: Aomine Daiki The Basketball which Kuroko Plays; Kuroko no Basket; Kuroko's Basketball
Aomine!😍 Nice Drawing. That idea about the Sports Anime Community sounds great👌🏽. *whispering voice* I would want u to be Admin for it as well😏😂
@tallpinoy ok like, I literally cried and thought I was going to die from lack of breathing from all the laughing. @thunder1254
You can't draw Aomine! The only one who can draw Aomine, is Aomine!
😂@tallpinoy got a point there
@thunder1254 thank you *sigh* if only
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