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It's crazy to me because every chapter of Bleach is just as long as every chapter of One Piece but I'm getting through Bleach's manga so much faster than I did with One Piece's manga. I'm already caught up to where the anime stopped. I actually just read the first chapter ahead of where the anime stopped because I'm going to meet with my friend and discuss our plan this next couple of weeks. We are moving to a town over an hour away from where we currently live so it's a stressful time.. I do NOT want to start reading new material without being 100% focused on it.. So I'm taking a break from Bleach for a few days. I have a lot of epic manga moments screen-shotted but they are all on my iPad.. Regardless, as you can tell, I am a complete shipper of Ichigo and Rukia. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Anime and manga are life! Bleach is love!
why wont bleach come back to the anime😠
That is an adorable picture of those two! (I ship them as well)
@UzumakiJess Sweet!😆😄
@IvanHusak IKR! lol
@UzumakiJess yeah renji is kinda an out of the box ship but him and rukia are kinda the only fit but in def for rukia and ichigo. During his 3 year powerless time it was so sad he could t see her but she could see him. So glad he got it back!!
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