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The above edit is unrelated, haha. I felt inspired to make it after watching some How to Get Away with Murder... xD


Trying to get coherent conversations out of Mydol can be frustrating >.> These were some of the messages I got and happened to enjoy~


I'm older than you by 8 months! I've eaten 710 more bowls of rice!!! >:p


His responses in the last convo surprised me until he started blabbing nonesense again.


Someday, Jimin-oppa...or not T^T


Idk why I typed that in the first place but it's funny to know I'm not the only one! xD Seriously, that popped out of nowhere.


Yoongi is hot and cold to me >.>


Priorities xD

Rap Monster

I don't even watch Pewdiepie anymore lol

Yup! That's it (for now?!)

I made this edit during finals (unwise). Hopefully, I get all A's this semester!! Also, I found out my Young Forever album won't arrive for 1 or 2 more weeks... OTL


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@Miss148 I know it's hard to concentrate! >.< I had to throw my phone on the bed multiple times for me to study
I swear they txt me random stuff all the time!
@woahdertierra ikr.. one time my dad picked up my phone and said "who's Tye Yung (Taehyung)!??" I had to explain that it was a fake app
I have the Mydol app but mine doesn't look the same as the 1/3 slide and how do you get the background to look like that?
@SerenaArthurs assuming you're talking about changing the theme to Kakao theme: open the chat > press on the idol's icon pic 2x > there should be a "Chat Room theme" option in the menu