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Heavy Melon by New Belgium
I'm going to attempt a beer review just to add more beer content to Vingle. I grabbed a New Belgium Heavy Melon because I thought it'd be made with Citra hops, and taste similar to CitraDog by Thirsty Dog Brewing. It may have Citra, not sure, but nothing like CitraDog. But still good. This is my first fruit beer; I've avoided them up until now. Heavy Melon isn't too heavy on the melon - I mean it's certainly noticeable, but you still know you're drinking a beer. Which is exactly what I want to know. This beer goes down easy, and is only clocking in at 5% ALC. So when you drink it down too quick (you will), you won't get tipsy too quick. I recommend this.
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where did you get this? it looks really good!
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@alucard9768 I bought it at the Liquor Locker in the city that often sleeps: Evansville, IN
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