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What's up guys, Its John here and as a music finder for KpopINT I have to listen to a lot of songs, popular and unpopular ones. I'm going to give you some underappreciated songs that I think deserve more attention.

Seung Ri "Love Box"

I love Seungru's solo songs. His voice is really amazing and this song just highlights it perfectly.

Jung Yong Hwa "Mileage" feat. YDG

This song is one of my all time favorites. I fell in love with this song as soon as I got into Kpop. Its so good.

UNIQ "Best Friend"

I absolutely love UNIQ! This song is the cutest and catchiest song you'll ever hear.

Up10tion "Attention"

I was honestly surprised at the little views this MV had. This song literally ruined my whole life. One of the best comebacks I have ever saw. This song was amazing
All these songs are great and I wished they had more recognition. I hope some of these artist/groups gain more attention throughout their careers. Music Finder: John Evans
These are great songs! I especially like Mileage, the song and video just make me smile! 馃槃
I made a mistake sorry I feel so stupid for getting uniq's song wrong ugh
nice I really love falling in love by uniq but I prefer the english version better all the other songs I've never heard of them
@kpopINT oh ok lol
@exolover101 Its fine lol -John