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WARNING: Adult Situations / Sexual Humor
You’ve been in South Korea for three and half months now, life has settled down and worked itself into a nice little rhythm. Activities for the their MV release are done and over, Kyungil is now around a little more.
Jak calls you around lunch time,
“Hey you, what are you guys up to tomorrow night?”
“By ‘us guys’ I’m assuming you mean Gil and I?”
“Duh. Since I’m the one asking, who else do you hang out with these days?”
“Moonie occasionally, the rest of History…”
“Just answer the question.”
“I don’t know the answer to that question, Gil usually makes the plans. Did you guys ask him?”
“I was told to call and ask you, so I’m calling.”
“Alright, I’ll ask him. What am I supposed to say we are doing?”
“I don’t know that either. Ji’s being very secretive, it kind of scares me.”
“Lol, I know how you love surprises.”
“I know right? He knows I hate them.”
“So what DID he say?”
“Call [YN] and see what they are doing tomorrow. When I asked why he just smiled and kissed me. When I whined and said I hate surprises he giggled, said I’d love this one and to call you.”
“Okay, let me call Gil, maybe he has an idea what Ji’s up to.”
You shoot off a text to ML. You’ve changed his name in your phone to My Love. He hasn’t noticed yet so you haven’t had to explain or confess.
YOU: Call me when you get a minute. I’ve got a question.
About twenty minutes later your phone rings. His groups new song ‘Queen’ alerting you that its him.
“Hey you, thanks for calling.”
“What’s up? Everything okay?”
“Everything’s fine. Jak just called and said Ji wants to know if we have any plans tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow? Yeah we do. Do you know what it’s about?”
“Nope, he told Jak it’s a surprise, which she hates. We were hoping you knew something?”
“I might have an idea. Tell you what, let me get in touch with him, maybe we can combine our plans. We still meeting up for dinner?”
“Unless something has come up for you.”
He starts to laugh and you think a minute about what you just said.
“You dirty little boy,” you chastise.
“Excuse me? Who you calling little?”
Your face is now red and your face palming at your desk.
“I can’t have this conversation here. There are people around.”
“Well, that’s your fault. You should have taken your call outside, like I did.”
“Well I didn’t, so with that said I’ll go.”
You ring off with the sound of his laughter in your ear. You’re hoping no one heard anything, a few minutes later one of the girls that sits in the cubicle behind you wanders past.
“Who’s a dirty little boy and does he have a friend?”
When he arrives at the apartment for dinner he wanders in and looks around for Jak.
“Jak out for the night or just not back yet?”
“She has a late night shoot; why?”
He turns a mischievous grin on you and tugs you up against his body. Before his lips attack yours he whispers,
“Because something came up”.
A little bit later you smack him on the chest.
“I thought you were feeding me!”
He raises an eyebrow, looking naughty,
“You’re still hungry?”
As he grabs for you, you dodge him and get a smack in on his backside.
“FOOD. I’m hungry for FOOD.”
You start grumbling about men and one track gutter minds. He lays back and belly laughs.
As you pull your t-shirt on he grabs one end and pulls you closer.
“Admit it, you love my dirty gutter mind.”
Well yes, but you aren’t about to admit that to him.
“Do you always drag your Queen down to the gutter without food?”
“Females! One track minds!”
He grabs his jeans and fishes out his phone and wallet.
“How about a compromise huh? I’ll order you food and I get to drag you back into the gutter while we wait for it to be delivered.”
He wiggles his eyebrows and motions for you to come back over to him.
You roll your eyes, “Seriously?”
He holds a finger up while he places the order. When he hangs up he grabs the top of your t-shirt and tugs. With a little boy pouty face he comments,
“I haven’t seen you in almost a week. I’ve missed you.”
Truth be told, you’ve missed him too and he knows you can’t resist puppy dog eyes; whether given by him or by Jak. You crawl back over to him,
“What if I don’t have the strength?”
He starts nibbling on your neck, “Not a problem. I have plenty for both of us.”
You pull his head up and look in his eyes. “I meant the strength to resist you.”
He brushes your hair back and captures your face, “I hope you don’t; not now and not ever.”
I realized the story is going to end eventually and I'm not ready for that...😩😞😭
awe he is just so gosh darn adorable. and sexy and ugh.
;) so this isn't a dream.. no fooling right Eonni? next chapter won't have us waking up to a heart breaking scene again right? we're so happy.
Yay, fun time with my man. Can't wait to see what GD had planned!