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Ever wonder what Satoori and Korean dielects really are and what the difference is? I have as well, so today we are going to learn a little more about them!
Korea is split into 6 main regions for Satoori. For example, Busan Satoori can be found in the Gyeongsan region. And each region has a different way of saying the same word and/or how they pronounce their words.
This is the same kind of idea for different parts of the US, depending on which part of the country you can get a different way of saying the same word. My family is from Minnesota and Illinois and I live in California. Instead of calling it 'soda' they say 'pop'.
Examples of Satoori
I'm really interested in learning about Satoori for many reasons! I really like Jimin's Busan Satoori and would like to get good enough to be able to hear it in songs and dramas. You maybe even get good enough to impress your bias if you get the chance to meet them ! 😂😎
Do you know any Satoori? What is your favorite? You can read the full article on Satoori here
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I always think about Jimin when I hear Satoori 😍😍😍 Thank you for this lesson though!! I didn't even know there was a difference for a while. Gaah Korean is so beyond complicated to learn 😭😭
@krin Same! When I first herd the term Satoori I was so confused. I will still try to conquer the language tho 화이팅! 😂💪
;-; gonna learn it MWUHAHAHA
I'd like to learn Busan satoori too!
Apparently people from Busan do not say 김치 as 짐치. My friend is from Busan and speaks with 경상도 사투리. He said he has never heard anyone use that before. I even asked around, and they seemed to agree with him.